5 Kinds of Comforters You Can't Miss Out On

You have to stay warm to get a good night's sleep. So browse the different kinds of comforters to find the best ones!
5 Kinds of Comforters You Can't Miss Out On

Last update: 02 September, 2019

In the winter, there’s nothing better than snuggling up in bed. Staying warm throughout the night is fundamental so today, we want to show you 5 types of comforters that you can’t miss out on.

Bedspreads are falling out of favor and instead, comforters are on-trend. Why not make your bed comfortable and beautiful at the same time? You just need to pick the right design.

Comforters can play an interesting role in your bedroom decor. Their colors and shape will take center stage. Let’s look at 5 kinds of comforters that are currently bestsellers.

1. Down comforters

This category features natural options, which use down stuffing. The down usually comes from geese or ducks as their feathers are resistant, warm while providing great insulation.

comforters down

But only the lightest, softest feathers are used. The feathers are one of the most important factors for creating a perfect comforter that can keep you warm.

Make sure to browse a store with a good reputation. A product with a low price tag that doesn´t offer quality isn’t worth it. Instead, we recommend investing more in something that is high-quality and that you plan on using for a long time.

Synthetic comforters

Synthetic comforters use polyester fiber. If you had to choose between synthetic or down models, the latter will probably be your first choice because it’s natural. But polyester fiber can also offer high-quality. Before you make your purchase:

  • Make sure the store has a good reputation and that they only sell quality products.
  • Check to see that the make-up is 100% polyester fiber. There should be no additives or faux materials. Some brands worth browsing are Mediterráneo, Atlántic Sanex and Indiko (link in Spanish).
  • The products should guarantee insulation and breathability, which is key for wintertime.
  • Polyester fiber models shouldn’t be more expensive than their natural counterparts. They should offer quality at an affordable price.

— Though polyester fiber is an artificial product, it can offer great quality like natural products. —

comforters polyester fiber

3. Silicon fiberfill comforter

Silicon fiberfill is on the rise; but why is that? It works wonderfully for bedding. It generates heat without weighing too much. Thus, it ensures a goodnight’s sleep.

It has other ideal characteristics as well. For example, it easily evaporates humidity. In other words, it helps ventilate air without losing heat.

4. Light comforters for other seasons

Up until now, the comforters on our list were for winter. But come seasons like autumn or spring, you’ll find yourself facing both cool and warm days, leaving you unsure of what to use on your bed. A light comforter is a great solution.

  • They use very thin microfibers to provide warmth and comfort. On warm days, they won’t be a problem because they don’t create too much heat. Some great brands are Atlántic Sanex and Indiko.
  • The outer silk layer offers a silky, delicate texture.
  • These comforters aren’t too thick. In fact, they’re on the thinner side which makes them much more useful. On cool nights, they offer instant warmth.
  • Easy to wash.
comforters light

5. Duvet covers

A duvet cover is another element that can decorate the room and keep you warm at the same time. Duvet covers are very practical.

  • They’re simply a cover that comforters go into.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Enhance decor with their many different designs, patterns, colors, etc. Comforters themselves don’t come in that many designs and tend to be simpler.
  • Easy to remove and cover without being too thick.

In short, you should mix practicality with aesthetics. Don’t sacrifice either as you need both restful sleep as well as nice bedroom decor.