Trains as Decorative Items in Your Home

There are multiple ways to use trains as decorative items in your home. In this article, discover different ideas!
Trains as Decorative Items in Your Home

Last update: 16 October, 2020

To decorate your home, you have to select a mix of decorative elements you like. A good option is trains as decorative items for your home.

Normally, people opt for decorative elements that represent them or describe their personalities. On other occasions, they choose those that allow them to create an ambiance by transmitting a specific meaning.

The world of rail travel offers multiple possibilities. Depending on the room of your home you want to add trains to, you can resort to different possibilities. However, you need to apply individual ingenuity to convey a concept.

Model trains

A model train.

Model trains clearly reflect a home owner’s tastes. Although model ships and airplanes are quite common, there’s no doubt that model trains are also extremely popular.

Trains as decorative items help decorate shelves or display cases and give a unique twist. Also, they can support other decorative pieces and help you show them off.

Placing a model train in your living room, your bedroom, or your office adds a museum feeling and sends your guests a message about your tastes and hobbies. To accomplish this, the model train should be realistic and on an appropriate scale according to the place where you’ll locate it.

Model trains allow you to add a touch of the real world in your home.

Trains as decorative motifs for the walls

A train vinyl on the wall.

There are many different types of decorative elements you can place on the walls. This is another way of theming. However, we advise against overloading rooms with trains. Here are the four most common decorative resources:

  1. Canvas prints, whether pictorial or photographic, are one way to decorate. You can opt for an old train and place, for example, a snapshot of the moment it puffs out steam.
  2. Vinyls are another option. Although most are black, you can also find polychrome vinyls. Regarding their design, there are options for children’s bedrooms or others that represent old or modern trains.
  3. Another very interesting option is wallpaper. Obviously, wallpaper takes center stage in any room. It can be either printed with a train or even of train tracks that mark a path.
  4. A more original idea is fabrics with prints of a train. You can hang them from the top of a wall so that they cover the entire wall. This way, you can remove them whenever you like.

Clocks with trains as decorative items

A clock train.

Time is another important principle in the world of rail travel. For example, you can find clocks inserted in decorative pieces shaped like trains. They’re elegant resources that fit perfectly in classic, elegant, and relaxed environments.

Also, station clocks for walls are very elegant resources that have become iconic. They’re very English and sophisticated.

This decorative element has an iron structure. However, it stands out a bit. You can hang a clock on a wall so it is functional. These clocks offer a more classic and traditional touch, as they’re clocks with hands.

The goal is for you to go for elements that allow you to decorate your home well.

Trains for children’s rooms

A decorative vinly of a train in a baby's room.

This decorative element fits well in children’s rooms. Nevertheless, you have to make sure that those you choose are lively, cheerful, and fun. First of all, a good idea is to opt for train-shaped cribs or trundle beds that allow children to feel that they’re the conductors.

Wall vinyls are another popular option. They picture trains with wagons that are filled with animals.

Finally, remember to consider traditional toys. For example, a train with wagons to play with or famous mechanical trains, with tracks.


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