Side Furniture to Organize Your Home

Side furniture is useful. However, people nowadays don't only want functionality but authentic decorative objects too.
Side Furniture to Organize Your Home

Last update: 21 August, 2020

Are you thinking of decorating your home with side furniture but having doubts about where to place it? You’re in luck, then! This is because today we’ll give you some tips on how to select it.

This type of furniture is functional and versatile and offers endless possibilities to organize and decorate your home. It comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors. So pay close attention because it’ll help you solve some of your space problems.

Side furniture is very practical for any home. But it’s particularly useful when trying to furnish a small house. This is because most of these pieces fit anywhere and are often multifunctional.

Of course, analyze your needs to choose the most appropriate types of side furniture for you.

The function of side furniture

A modern kitchen.

Things can get complicated when trying to keep up with all the items we accumulate in our homes. But if the room is also small, then you should choose multipurpose furniture that can perform various functions.

For example, a coffee table with drawers and a footrest that can convert into a container are both very useful in a small room. Wheeled carts with baskets or drawers for storing vegetables or kitchen utensils are ideal as an extra surface in the kitchen.

As you can see, you can get a lot out of this kind of furniture with a little bit of imagination. You mustn’t rule out giving it a different use than it was made for. You can use a tray with extendable legs as a nightstand, or a chest as a coffee table in the living room.

Side furniture is also good for showcasing and integrating objects into a room or to add contrast. It’s you who’ll decide how you use it.

Side furniture – plenty of choices

The list of side furniture is long. It’s quite simple to find the right piece for every use, space, or room. We’re sure you’d like to know which type to choose, so we aren’t going to make you wait any longer. Note the functionality.

Side tables


An example of auxiliary furniture.
Table E1027/

These can be made of wood, plastic, aluminum, or glass and they can serve as coffee tables, side tables, or corner tables. There are folding ones and also some with folding doors that take up little space. They’re ideal for kitchens or children’s rooms.

Nesting table sets are a great option because you can have three in the space of one. There are some with drawers and some even have wheels. The stair-shaped ones are also very useful, as you can adapt them to any corner.

Furniture with drawers

A commode with shinny drawers.

There is lots of this type of furniture on the market and it comes in various heights. It can certainly solve the lack of space in hallways or bathrooms.

Side furniture for the TV room

A room with a TV stand.

This comes in standard sizes to house many types of TVs and most of them have openings for the cables on the back. There are also modular pieces with doors that allow you to hide the TV when you’re not using it.

Folding chairs

A folding chair.

Folding chairs are great to have around when there’s limited space, or when you want to increase the number of seats on specific occasions. Stackable ones are another popular option.


A white showcase.
Liatorp Showcase/

These fulfill three functions: you can store objects inside – generally, tableware, glassware, or decorations – and keep them from getting dirty or broken. Also, they showcase these objects so everyone can admire them.


A kitchen cart.

These are great for transporting dishes, glassware, and cutlery between the kitchen and the dining room. Also, you can use them as a dining table or for displaying objects and plants if you place them in a corner or near the wall.

Carts for computers or other gadgets are also very useful as they allow you to have a mobile mini-office to work in any room in the house.


A sitting area with room for books is a good example of auxiliary furniture.

Use these in a hall or the bedrooms. They’re great for sitting on and for placing bags or jackets on. Also, they’re good for sitting on when you need to put on or take off your shoes.

Many are built so you can store objects inside them. Those made of wood or built-in and attached to the walls can also serve as a shelf to display some of your beautiful objects.

We hope we’ve helped you decide which side furniture to place in your home. Now all you need to do is make the right decision!

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