Top tips for Decorating with Plastic Lids

Not sure what to do with all those plastic lids in your house? Here you'll find some great ideas on how to decorate with plastic lids.
Top tips for Decorating with Plastic Lids

Last update: 12 January, 2019

Over the last few years, we have noticed an unprecedented rise in the number of DIY projects. Some of the most successful projects are those that use recycled materials, which is why decorating with plastic lids is one of the most popular projects these days.

DIY projects that use recycled materials have become extremely popular. They are generally easy to do, and, what’s more, they allow us to use materials that would otherwise end up in the trash.

Another factor which has made this type of project so popular is the social and environmental responsibility that has gradually grown in today’s society.

People are increasingly aware of the importance of reusing materials like plastic. Plastic is one of the common and most polluting materials in modern life.

So, using it to make decorative elements is a really fantastic idea. It can help you save money, allow you to make something with your own hands and, what’s more, helps keep the environment clean. In today’s article, you’ll find some ideas on how to decorate with plastic lids.

Idea 1: Plastic lids – trash cans or waste paper baskets

We really love this first idea for decorating with plastic lids and it’s super easy to do. All you’ll need is plastic lids, cardboard, and hot silicone. The lids can be all the same color or lots of different colors. The first thing you need to do is draw the base of your trash can on the cardboard. This could be round or square, and whatever size you need.

Next, you should use the hot silicone to start gluing the lids to the cardboard. To help increase the height, you should stagger your lids. If you want your trash can to be wider at the top than at the base, move the lids further apart the higher up you go.

This project is perfect for kitchens or bedrooms, where you can put it next to the desk

Idea 2: trivets or coasters

Our second idea for decorating with plastic lids involves making trivets or coasters. This is also really simple to do and the final result is a great addition to any kitchen.

You’ll need plastic lids, of any size. You can even play around with the sizes, and use a range of different ones for the same trivet or coaster. Hot silicone is essential for this type of DIY project, so make sure you’ve got plenty of it. 

If you want your trivet or coaster to have a particular shape, or you’re a bit of a perfectionist, then you might want a piece of cardboard or felt.

First, cut the cardboard to the size or shape you want. You’re not going to stick the lids to the cardboard, it’s really only a guide. Once you’ve made your template, you can start gluing your lids together, side by side. This should be a really quick and easy process.

Once you’ve got the size you want, cut the felt using your template and glue it to the bottom of your lids. The felt will help stop your trivet or coaster from sliding around and will give it a more professional look.

Idea 3: Plastic lids – beautiful vases

The advantage of decorating with plastic lids is that you can make almost any decorative item you want with very few materials. This last idea will look great in entrance halls or living rooms. It’ll also look great on a chest of drawers in a bedroom or entrance hall.

You can use plastic lids to create a beautiful vase.

You’ll need an old vase, maybe one that’s broken or that you don’t really like. You could also use an old water bottle. Again, you can use plastic lids of lots of different colors, or all the same color.

The only thing you need to do is glue the plastic lids to your chosen bottle or vase with hot silicone. You can glue the lids in a pattern to create lines and shapes, or an image, like a flower. You could also glue them at random. As the final finishing touch, you can then add natural or artificial flowers.

As you can see, decorating with plastic lids is really easy. All you need is a bit of creativity. There are lots of different decorative elements you can make using this simple, everyday object. It’s quick, simple and you can make some really useful objects. Get your little ones involved in these DIY projects, and have some fun!