Tips for Drying Clothes Indoors

Follow our tips for drying clothes indoors and you'll never need to worry about musty-smelling fabric or humidity problems again.
Tips for Drying Clothes Indoors

Last update: 19 January, 2023

The winter months pose a real headache for drying clothes indoors. With humidity being a number one concern, these tips will help you to dry your clothes effectively. Equally, when it rains and you need to dry your clothes indoors, your washing can often end up smelling musty and damp.

Eliminate these problems with our tips and start drying your clothes cheaply, quickly, and effectively.

Tips to dry your clothes indoors

Follow our tips to avoid your clothes smelling damp and musty. Don’t forget to let us know which one works for you!

Separate clothes.
One of our tips is to use a clothes separator during washing, so it dries easier.

1. Choose a space with good ventilation

Identify the largest area in your home where you can hang your clothes to dry. This room should also have good ventilation to let the humid air escape and eliminate that annoying musty smell. 

2. Prioritize larger items

When you hang your wet laundry up, prioritize the largest items by making sure they’re unfolded, fully extended, and open. This will make sure each item can dry properly and speed up the time that the drying process takes.

Equally, avoid hanging one garment on top of another. This will crowd each item, delay the drying time and promote a humid environment. Moreover, use the free spaces on your airer to hang small garments.

3. Invest in a clothesline

Investing in a good clothesline or airer will also help your clothes to dry effectively inside and keep their shape as they dry. Alongside optimizing space, you can choose from folding floor-standing airers or a more permanent type of fixed clothesline.

Either way, place it near an open window or fan and choose the one that works in the available space you have.

4. Drying clothes indoors: use your fan

Tips: Use a fan to dry clothes easier.
Tip: use a fan to make drying your clothes indoors easier.

Although it’s probably one of the most basic and orthodox tips for drying your clothes indoors, don’t forget to use a fan. This appliance produces a gentle breeze that’ll help to dry your clothes by displacing moisture.

Whilst the air it produces is cool, you’ll achieve excellent results by using either a ceiling fan or a portable one. Try it and see!

5. Use drying balls

If you prefer to use a dryer, add a dryer ball to each load. This trend eliminates static, reduces drying time, and adds extra fragrance to your laundry. They’re either made from wool or plastic and the larger ones tend to be more effective.

After buying them, simply add your favorite fragrance and throw them in the dryer alongside your laundry.

6. Take advantage of your dehumidifier

The problem with drying clothes indoors is that it transfers humidity into the room, making it feel cold and leaving a musty smell. If you can’t open the windows to eliminate this problem, use a dehumidifier instead.

In addition to helping your laundry dry, it’ll remove excess moisture from the laundry room.

Which tip for drying your clothes indoors will you try?

We’ve shared six tips for drying your clothes indoors. Try them and we guarantee you’ll have better results, leaving the stale and musty smells behind.

However, if you want to dry heavier and thicker items, such as denim or bed linen, try using a microfiber towel as a separator during drying. Also keep in mind that it’s always advisable to unbutton any buttons or zippers on pants, shirts, and jackets so that the air envelops the entire garment causing it to dry faster.

Finally, set your washing machine to spin at maximum power in order to remove as much water as possible after each wash. This will leave your laundry as dry as it can be when you remove it from the machine, ultimately helping you during the final drying phase.