Tips for Choosing a Rug for Your Baby's Bedroom

A rug is a practical item that'll also make your baby's bedroom look great. However, it's important to focus on the quality, softness, and safety of this element.
Tips for Choosing a Rug for Your Baby's Bedroom

Last update: 30 January, 2022

Deciding on the best rug for your baby’s bedroom isn’t a task that you should undertake lightly. There are some details that you must consider to ensure that your little one enjoys this decorative element for many years to come. Safety is another consideration too and we’ll explain everything you need to know.

In the first months of life, your baby may not use a rug very much. However, when they begin to crawl, play and walk, it becomes a very important element. It’s necessary to ensure that the material is soft enough to prevent your baby from hurting their knees or palms. In addition, it’ll insulate the room against both cold and heat from the ground. Keep reading because we’re going to tell you more!

Characteristics of a rug for your baby’s bedroom

a soft rug for the baby

Now that you recognize the importance of choosing a good rug for your baby’s bedroom, we’re going to delve into the specific characteristics that you should look for. The first and most important consideration is that it must have an anti-slip coating that firmly secures it to the ground.

Soft and smooth

The level of softness of a rug for your baby’s room is very relevant since it must be comfortable for your baby’s body. Regardless of whether your baby is sitting, crawling, or walking, they must feel comfortable and every area of their body must be protected if a bump or fall occurs.

The market offers countless options in terms of materials, so take your time to make the right purchase and don’t forget to feel and touch each rug. Additionally, ensure that the matting grips the fibers well to ensure that they don’t break easily. Otherwise they can pose a choking hazzard if your baby tries to ingest them.

Low VOC Rugs

Rugs, (as well as building materials), can contain certain volatile organic compounds that are released into the air. If they’re consumed by people, they could cause health issues. You must avoid this risk for your baby at all costs.

In fact, some companies are dedicated to making baby rugs from eco-friendly materials that are safe for your little one. They may be a little more expensive, but they’re worth it.

Additionally, ensure that the rug installation is complete before your baby is born or when the baby isn’t present. By doing this, if any particles are released there will be time to ventilate the room.

Keep your baby’s bedroom rug clean

After installation and constant use, it’s vital to ensure that your baby’s bedroom rug is always clean and in good condition. Considering that you have to step on it all the time and that sometimes your baby will want to crawl on it, you should regularly vacuum and disinfect it.

It can also happen that your baby spills a bottle, vomits on it or drops food debris and crumbs. If this isn’t cleaned properly, it’ll attract ants or bad odors that are unpleasant for little ones.

Quality matters

take care of the baby's health

Remember that cheap is often expensive and when it comes to your baby it’s better not to skimp. Ultimately, you’re looking for an element that, in addition to being decorative, must be functional and durable. In that quality list, aspects such as softness and the type of fibers they provide should prevail.

Once you have this worked out, focus on important aspects such as color, shape, size and the pile.

Watch out for your pets

Although pets are excellent company for people, and babies are no exception, special care must be taken so that your furry friends don’t damage your baby’s bedroom rug with their claws. The texture of rugs is attractive to pets, so you should train them to avoid this area and prevent any problems.

Another relevant aspect regarding pets has to do with their hair, which usually accumulates between the fibers of the rug. The best solution for this is to vacuum daily and brush your pets to make sure any excess fur is removed. By doing this, you’ll also avoid allergies or respiratory problems.

Ready to buy your baby’s bedroom rug?

Now you know the key elements when choosing a rug for your baby’s bedroom, you can make the right purchase. This will give you peace of mind everytime your little one crawls, walks or plays on the floor.