Three Reasons to Use Your Bidet Again

Let's bring the bidet back! Consider these three reasons why you should start using your bidet again and give it the functionality that it's always had.
Three Reasons to Use Your Bidet Again

Last update: 29 December, 2021

Every day we use the facilities in our bathrooms. They provide us with personal hygiene and, in turn, improve our wellbeing and help us to relax. However, there’s one piece of bathroom furniture that’s tended to take a back seat: the bidet. Let’s learn more about it and explore some of the reasons to use start using it again.

The bidet can go unnoticed and not everyone makes use of it. Traditionally, it performs a specific function and hasn’t necessarily become an essential component. In fact, some bathrooms don’t have a bidet and the occupants have learned to do without one.

However, there’s no denying that the bidet fulfills a very interesting function, both in terms of personal hygiene and aesthetics. Keep reading because we think it’s time to give it back the value that it once had in the past.

Why don’t we use the bidet anymore?

Using the bidet

It’s possible that the pace of life we lead doesn’t allow or consider these types of resources. We usually use the shower to maintain quick and effective hygiene, but we don’t dwell on other types of hygiene facilities that may require more of our time.

Previously, the bidet was used on a daily basis. Despite being a simple and elementary piece of bathroom furniture, it fulfilled an important function in personal hygiene. This was due to the calm and tranquility that surrounded our lives–quite the opposite to today’s perception of doing things quickly.

A clear example is washing our feet. Nowadays, the quick shower that we take fulfills the objective. Whereas in past times, far more attention and time were given to these sorts of tasks and for this, the bidet came in useful.

Three reasons to use your bidet again

If we had to point out some of the reasons for using the bidet again, we’d have to start from a personal point of view. Everyone will have their own opinion, depending on what matters to them and how they manage their daily lives.

Many people consider that a bidet is a waste of space. However, it offers benefits and functionality. Next, we’re going to assess three reasons why the bidet should make a comeback in your bathroom:

  1. Personal hygiene. This is undoubtedly a fundamental criterion. Instead of having a quick wash, why not spend a little more time on the areas of the body that we don’t commonly attend to?
  2. For comfort. The bidet allows us to sit down or even lean on it with one leg and put our feet inside. The sensation of receiving the water and applying the soap subtly provides us with well-being and the position we adopt is completely safe and there’s no danger of slipping.
  3. It takes up little space. The bidet is small and can be incorporated anywhere. It doesn’t obstruct the passage of people or take up space that could be reserved for something else.

A complete facility for your bathroom

Bidet with cover for bathroom

Many city apartments don’t have a bidet in their bathrooms. It’s as if their loss of functionality has been taken for granted and, therefore, it’s considered inconvenient to have one.

There’s no doubt that having access to a piece of complete equipment generates a certain feeling of comfort and wellbeing. However, nowadays, having a bidet is considered to be more of a detail.

The bidet as a decorative resource

The mere act of using the bidet on a daily basis makes it a transcendental element for daily living. However, it not only carries its own importance, but it also relates well to other bathroom furniture and accessories.

Bidets come with a lid or without a lid, but always with a refined appearance that provides a feeling of purity and finesse. In addition, it blends in very well with any style, since there are classic designs or contemporary options for minimalist fans and avant-garde followers.

In short, the bidet provides all kinds of comforts. This is why it becomes such an interesting resource to properly equip your bathroom.

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