Walk-in Showers: Everything You Need to Know

Having a walk-in shower is simple and can be adapted to suit your bathroom. Find out everything you need to know.
Walk-in Showers: Everything You Need to Know

Last update: 02 December, 2021

Walk-in showers are very modern and completely stylize the general atmosphere of any bathroom. Therefore, they’ve become the ideal option for those who want to have an elegant and avant-garde wet room.

In this article, we’re going to explain everything you need to know, including some of the advantages and disadvantages of walk-in showers. We’ll also offer some pointers so that you can find out if this is a suitable feature for your home or not. Go ahead and discover more!

Walk-in showers: the benefits

Disadvantages of walk-in showers

Having an elegant and functional bathroom is no longer something that’s unattainable. Walk-in showers are beautiful, practical, stylish, and easy to use. In addition, they adapt to all types of decor and spaces. In fact, they can be a very pleasing aesthetic solution for small bathrooms. In this case, sliding glass doors will give you a feeling of space.

They’re safe to use

Walk-in showers are so safe that they’re ideal for bathrooms used by the elderly or people with mobility issues. As they don’t have steps or obstacles, tripping, slipping, or falling can be avoided.

There are even some floor coverings that you can use that are non-slip and highly aesthetic, which helps to maintain safety when you’re in the shower.

Walk-in showers: easy to clean

The fact that this type of shower doesn’t have steps or obstacles makes cleaning incredibly easy. There are fewer inaccessible joints as there are with traditional showers and you can use personal hygiene accessories more easily.

They’re very versatile

First, it should be noted that the installation works for a walk-in shower are cheaper than installing a common shower tray. The best news? The flat floor or coatings used for walk-in showers are very versatile, so you’ll find an array of incredible designs, shapes, colors, and textures.


Walk-in showers are very modern, and therefore, they’re not suitable for all types of homes. To have one, you need to consider these two fundamental aspects:

  • Floor thickness
  • Drainage system

Once you know what the structure of your current bathroom is, considering these two conditions, you can make the decision. In some cases, it’s possible to achieve a sunken floor (when the shower floor is lower than the rest of the floor).

It depends on the internal structure and the placement of your pipework, as well as its impact on the entire network of your home.

You should use a professional

For many people, it’s a disadvantage to have to hire a professional to do the work at home. In this case, it’s necessary to hire someone to install your walk-in shower because, although it’s straightforward, mistakes can lead to flooding or damage.

Installing showers at ground level requires measurements, a structural assessment, and a lot of skill to meet your expectations. So if you’re not a professional, it’s vital that you’re guided by an expert.

Tips for installing walk-in showers


As we mentioned, installing a walk-in shower requires some forethought and planning. Therefore, we want to give you a couple of tips to guide your decision to have one at home.

Consider the drainage

The most important aspect of walk-in showers has to do with water and plumbing. The drainage system is essential. If your home is suitable for installing a walk-in shower, it should complement your existing drainage system.

By doing this, you’ll avoid floods, leaks, or water stagnation, as well as any ground damage due to constant humidity. Equally, you’ll avoid bad smells or the proliferation of bacteria.

Walk-in showers without doors or curtains

A few years ago it was almost impossible to imagine a shower without a curtain or door because the water would leak out. This doesn’t happen with walk-in showers; their design is beautiful and deserves to be on display.

This also makes your bathroom look bigger than it really is and gives it a touch of elegance, depending on the design that you’ve chosen. Of course, some people do opt for sliding glass doors and, although they’re not entirely necessary, they’re the best option if you still want to be able to see your walk-in shower.

Do you want to have a walk-in shower?

Having a walk-in shower at home is something wonderful, it has so many incredible advantages. If you want to have one fitted in your home, you won’t ever want to go back to traditional shower designs.