Things You Shouldn't Keep in Kitchen Cabinets

Discover the things that you shouldn't keep in your kitchen cabinets. By following our advice, you'll maintain order and cleanliness.
Things You Shouldn't Keep in Kitchen Cabinets

Last update: 17 December, 2022

To guarantee order inside your kitchen cabinets, there are a few things that you shouldn’t keep there. Although these cupboards were invented for you to store your kitchenware, they have a limit.

We want to explain how, by using your cabinets in the best way, you can maintain order, have everything you need to hand, and store your belongings safely.  

Keep reading as we explain the things that you shouldn’t keep in your kitchen cupboards and why!

Dont keep these things in your kitchen cupboards!

In this list of things that you shouldn’t keep in your kitchen cupboards, you’ll find everything from large crockery to open food packages and excess glassware. After reading the entire article, you can identify the mistakes that you’re making, get down to work, and change the way you use the interior space inside your cabinets.

You’ll soon notice how organization starts to rule and your entire kitchen will emanate order and cleanliness.

1. Kitchen cabinets bursting with excess glassware

Stop storing things like excess glassware in your kitchen cabinets.
Stop storing excess glassware in your kitchen cabinets!

Glassware is beautiful and we’re all guilty of accumulating a lot of it. However, you don’t need to let it overrun your kitchen cupboards. As such, it’s time to evaluate the number of whiskey, white wine, red wine, and champagne glasses that you actually possess. 

If you don’t regularly entertain large numbers of people in your home, you have to ask yourself why you store this amount of glasses in your kitchen cupboards. Leave only the amounts and types of glassware that you know you’ll need on a regular basis. The rest you can store somewhere else. Alternatively, if you have limited storage space, you should sell or give surplus glassware away.

2. Gadgets you never use

Let’s consider all those useful gadgets that we buy on the back of TV ads or store displays! Obviously, we all have plenty of these! However, it’s time to keep a cool head and think before you buy. Will you really use them? How useful will they actually be? 

Now, if you’re guilty of this, it’s likely your kitchen cupboards are packed full of gadgets. So, it’s time to review and reconsider the gadgets that you own and be honest with yourself. Separate the things that you actually use and those that you don’t.

Why not have a garage sale, post them on the web, or give them away?

3. Stop storing sets of special tableware in your kitchen cabinets

Another thing that we all do is keep several different sets of dishes. You may have a special set that you use for Christmas, another for birthdays and celebrations, and another for everyday life.

However, tableware sets that you don’t use every day should really be kept in a specific place and not your kitchen cabinets.

The idea is that you only keep the everyday things you need in your kitchen cabinets. Everything else you own, that’s only used occasionally or once a year, should be stored safely in a different part of your home.

4. Lunch boxes and plastic containers

The lunch boxes are one of those things that you should stop storing in excess in your kitchen furniture, learn how to select them.
Lunch boxes are one of those things that you should stop storing in excess in your kitchen cabinets. 

Plastic food storage containers or lunch boxes are useful and necessary. However, they appear on this list of things that you shouldn’t keep in your kitchen cupboards because it’s easy for your cupboard space to become overrun with them.

It’s a good idea to start decluttering and only have one drawer or cupboard dedicated to storing these containers. Throw any away that have missing lids, are broken, yellow, dented, or scratched. Recycle as much as you can to avoid landfill.

5. Opened or expired food

Having a cupboard full of food is synonymous with abundance. However, it’s not good to have opened or expired food products, as they take up space and promote disorder.

The first thing to do is to organize open packets of food in suitable containers that’ll protect it from heat and cross-contamination with other foods.

Moreover, you should throw away any foodstuffs that have already expired. But before you do this, mark the packages or cans as expired so no one else inadvertently consumes them.

Ready to clear out your kitchen cabinets?

As you’ve read, the things that we’ve suggested you clear out and organize don’t contribute much to your life and do take up valuable space. We guarantee that clearing your kitchen cupboards will make your efforts to maintain organization and cleanliness highly worthwhile. Try it and see!