Types of Glassware for Your Dining Table

Among the different types of glassware that we'll discuss are the vintage, modern and bohemian styles. Find out more!
Types of Glassware for Your Dining Table

Last update: 03 December, 2021

Choosing glassware for your dining table isn’t easy! That’s why we’re here to tell you all about the different types of glassware that you have at your disposal. The idea is that you choose the one that best suits your decor, furniture style, and tastes. Keep in mind that every detail influences whether you can cater to your guests or family as you wish.

Learning about the different types of glassware you can have will help you to get an idea of which type is the best for you, depending on your decor and even the type of food you’ll serve. Keep reading because we’re going to give you all the details!

Types of glassware to decorate your table

Minimalist style glasses

The first thing you have to consider is that the type of glassware you choose should match all the other elements of your table. Among them is the style of your dining room table, whether it’s made of glass or wood, and what color it is. To this, we can add additional aspects such as the tones and designs of your placemats and tablecloths.

Likewise, the decorative style that you’ve chosen for your home counts a lot, as this ensures that there’s consistency, even in the smallest detail. Below, we’re going to tell you the types of glassware that you can choose from. Don’t miss out!

Minimalist glassware

If the whole theme of your home (especially your dining room) is classic and elegant, a minimalist glassware style is ideal. Although this stands out for having few details and basic lines, it won’t mean that your table is going to look boring.

This type of glassware allows you to play with other styles. If you have engraved, embossed, or handmade tableware that you want to show off, you can complement it with minimalist glassware. By doing this, you’ll avoid downplaying the items you want to show off and prevent your table from looking overwhelmingly extravagant.

Vintage types of glassware

Vintage-style glassware will give your table a very warm and familiar look. It’s suitable for homes that enjoy family traditions and get-togethers. Contrary to what some people think, vintage is no longer synonymous with antiquity. It’s become so fashionable that it’s already a trend in its own right that shows no sign of slowing.

Regarding the precise details of vintage glassware, we find that it’s usually made of transparent glass, accompanied by showy and colorful details. Even if you’re looking to give your table a more bohemian look, you can mix different types of vintage glassware.

Embossed glassware

Carved glassware

Some people consider embossed, engraved, and hand-cut glassware to be in the same style as vintage. This could be true or not, but either way, the point is that this glassware is designed to enchant.  

Although it’s far from the clean, straight lines suggested by the modern style, it’s beautifully elegant and works well with bohemian-style decor.

Equally, you can go from an eclectic style, mixing it with patterned tableware, to a very striking style where each element is different but very elegant.

Decorate your table with modern types of glassware

One of the riskiest investments you can make is modern glassware. Today, this style requires the use of decorative elements that do justice to the fine and unique lines that it proposes. Thus, it isn’t ideal to mix modern glassware with wacky or vintage patterned tableware.

Therefore, before deciding on this type of glassware, you should reflect on whether you have items at home to match it or if you have the budget to buy all the necessary table elements within this style. For everything else, modern glassware offers very fine shapes but is also unique and charming.

Choose the most suitable color

One of the most important things when choosing glassware has to do with the choice of color. The most classic option is transparent glassware, which works with all the elements of your table: tablecloths, crockery, and placemats, among others.

Moreover, any other color glassware that you want will depend on what you want to achieve and the style that you want to project. This even depends on the time of year and season.

For example, at Halloween, you can take out your black or orange glassware, while Christmas is the ideal time to use red or green glassware.

Types of glassware: give it the personal touch

Regardless of the type of glassware that you’ve chosen for your table, keep in mind that the success of your purchase is governed by your satisfaction. At the same time, you can only feel satisfied when you choose the items that reflect your personality and your unique character. Your guests will notice that, as soon as they sit down at your table.