The Trend in Decorative Light Bulbs: All You Need to Know

Give your home a special touch with decorative light bulbs! In this article you can find out what they are, where to use them and what this type of bulb can lend to your home.
The Trend in Decorative Light Bulbs: All You Need to Know

Last update: 09 January, 2019

There are more and more daily household items that are becoming a trend in interior decor. Decorative light bulbs are no exception. For a long time, light bulbs have simply been used as a fundamental part of the lighting of the home. A lot more attention was paid to the lamp or light fitting and its design than to the bulb itself.

Today, light bulbs are also important and can sometimes supersede the light fitting to show off just the bulb as a feature.

Some people might think that this trend doesn’t make much sense. However, in these modern times the latest trends in design and interior decor have to do with leaving in plain sign what is normally hidden. That’s why for example you can see exposed pipes or bricks, and of course light bulbs, as a feature in many decor styles.

In today’s article, you can read all about the trend of using decorative light bulbs in the decor of your home.

What are decorative light bulbs?

Decorative light bulbs are light bulbs that add something special. Whether it’s their color, shape or the way of hanging them, this type of light bulb has become the perfect solution to give a special touch to any room of the house.

Use decorative light bulbs with illuminated filaments

You can use decorative light bulbs in basically any room of your house. From bedrooms to the living room, in the corridor or even out in the garden or on the terrace.

Currently, you can find these types of decorative light bulbs:

  • Filament bulbs: these have become an absolute must have when making a room special. It’s an apparently traditional light bulb, but its filaments are illuminated, which makes them clearly defined. They come in different sizes and shapes. Some are rounder than others. The filaments can also have different shapes.
  • Fairy light string: the concept of this type of decorative light bulb is the same as the one used for Christmas lights. But for this idea, just one light color is used, normally white lights. There are also fairy light strings available with small round bulbs that can be either transparent or opaque. These are bigger than the traditional Christmas light strings.

What do these light bulbs do for your home?

Decorative light bulbs have won out basically because they make a place or room feel special. If you want to have a cozy room you could opt to install some decorative light bulbs.

You could create strings of fairy lights using decorative light bulbs

This kind of decorative item will give:

  • Warmth: generally, you can use them as secondary or complementary lighting. This is above all if the filament bulbs are of a warm light color.
  • Originality: depending on the type of bulb that you choose and the decor style you have in your home, you can create very original rooms that won’t leave anyone indifferent.
  • Pleasant rooms: decorative light bulbs make your rooms prettier and pleasant to spend time in.

Where should you use decorative light bulbs?

As we mentioned above, the best thing about these bulbs is that you can use them in any room of the house. Try them in the living room, reading corner, as part of a decorative bed headboard, or use a composition of bulbs for the dining room or living room as the principal method of lighting.

If you have a pergola in your garden, a string of fairy light bulbs would be perfect to light up the summer evenings.

In kids’ bedrooms strings of fairy lights would also go great. They are also perfect to use as a night light while your kids are sleeping.

What decor styles do decorative light bulbs go with?

Use decorative light bulbs as a feature in your decor

Decorative light bulbs can be present in really any decor style. In these styles these bulbs are especially common:

  • Nordic: in this style, it’s more common to see strings of fairy lights.
  • Rustic and industrial: in these two styles it’s easy to find filament bulbs in all versions. This is common with the bulbs hanging from the ceiling or free standing with a wooden base as a stylish lamp.
  • Vintage: the vintage style also uses this type of bulb. Above all filament bulbs because they remind you of times past. This doesn’t mean they have to be incandescent bulbs. On the contrary, although they appear to be old fashioned bulbs the majority are actually LED lights.


Decorative light bulbs are the perfect complement to add more warmth and originality to the different rooms of the house. They are also very easy to find, since these days in practically any online or physical interior decor store you can find them.

The prices vary depending on the size, if the design is more or less sophisticated and if they are of a certain brand. However, individual bulbs aren’t usually very expensive.


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