The Pergola: A Rustic Touch for Exteriors

A pergola creates a social area outside of the home. Learn how to decorate the pergola in your outdoor space and enjoy a rustic touch.
The Pergola: A Rustic Touch for Exteriors

Last update: 16 March, 2022

In the world of rustic design, there’s a very particular element that stands out: the pergola. This is a type of exterior cover or roofing that’s typical of South America. Although it should be noted, this isn’t just a cover because it also creates a specific space.

The pergola mostly protects and provides an area for socializing, barbequing, and sharing. And although, in general, it’s separate from the house, it can also become a part of the interior.

Its rustic appearance makes it an excellent choice for the outdoors. Not only because of its timeless appearance but also because it’s made from resistant and durable materials that are also easy to maintain.

Types of pergolas

Now, it should be noted that there are several types of pergolas that you can choose from. This includes the most industrial styles to the most traditional designs.

Quincho is a type of South American grill.

However, the one that fuses the best features of the old and the modern, within a rustic style, is the best option. And not only on a functional level but also on an aesthetic level. This way it’ll blend in well with the outdoor environment.

The materials that identify the rustic style are wood, stone, iron, and brick. Although, it’s true that they shouldn’t always be all present at the same time.

The balance of elements

For a cozy pergola, there’s no need to overload it with decorative accessories. The key is in keeping it simple! However, certain materials will accentuate the space and help you achieve a rustic atmosphere.

1. Wood

Wood is the main material for pergolas, both in the structure and in the furniture you use. Therefore, it’s worth introducing some finer wooden details such as benches, cushions, and various accessories.

To highlight your pergola, use a solid wooden table and benches with irregular lines that appear more natural and easier on the eye.

Wooden log.

2. Brick and stone

Other materials, such as brick and stone are widely used in the construction of pergolas. Not only for the resistance they provide but also for the natural environmental blend that they create. If you wish, you can install one or two brick walls at the sides, to support the frame.

If your pergola is made of stone, it’s a good idea to integrate small details in wood. Like benches, chairs, cupboards, or wooden beams with an aged finish. As a result, you’ll achieve and maintain a good visual balance.

brick and stone barbecue.
Quincho /

Lampshades for your pergola

Construction materials aren’t the only ones that define the rustic style. Objects are also the protagonists when decorating this space.

Try using lamps, paintings, fabrics, and textiles to add originality and consistency to your decorative style.

Three-phase lamps in the shape of a metal lantern for a wooden kitchen

In general, rustic style pergolas benefit from lampshades that are made of old and aged materials. Antique bell-style iron lamps work particularly well. 

If your lampshades have an aged finish, they’ll contribute even more to this style. On the other hand, ceiling lamps made from the wooden wheels of old carts will also add a touch of originality.

You can apply the same philosophy to small and modern freestanding lanterns. They’ll balance the environment and won’t overload the area.

As you’ve read, you can give your outdoor space the rustic touch that it needs by adding a pergola. Introduce any of the materials or objects that we’ve mentioned and you’ll have a functional, practical, and beautiful space.

Just remember that it’s essential to generate a certain balance and avoid the temptation to overload the area with the same materials. Simply include small details, combine certain materials and balance this space in the best possible way.

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