The Many Advantages of PVC Windows

PVC windows are environmentally friendly, strong and durable. Perfectly designed for both soundproofing and insulation, more and more people are using PVC windows in their homes and offices.
The Many Advantages of PVC Windows

Last update: 28 January, 2021

If you’re in the process of building or renovating your home and you’re thinking about installing windows, you’ve probably been wondering what type of windows will be best. In terms of insulation and soundproofing, PVC windows are undeniably one of the best options on the market today.

So, in this article, we want to tell you everything you need to know about PVC windows, including their main characteristics, and the different advantages they will bring to you and your home.

PVC windows: characteristics

Persian windows.

Installing these windows will have many advantages for your home. But before we talk about these advantages in more detail, we want to tell you about some of the main characteristics of PVC windows.

Firstly, these windows are normally double or triple glazed and are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which is where they get their name. But while many people believe that plastic is neither durable nor good quality, this is certainly not the case when it comes to PVC.

Unlike other materials, such as wood, PVC is strong, long-lasting, and doesn’t wear out over time. Plus, it’s really easy to clean and doesn’t need to be repainted. As they are usually white in color, these windows work great in modern style homes.

What are the advantages of PVC windows?

In recent years, sales of PVC windows have noticeably increased. This is because they come with a wide range of advantages, which we will highlight in this next section:

1. They’re environmentally-friendly

Insulate against sound and heat.

While many people believe that the production of PVC windows is bad for the environment, this isn’t actually the case. PVC doesn’t give off toxic substances during production, making it far more environmentally friendly than materials such as aluminum, for example.

Because they are so long-lasting, the amount of plastic used to make these windows is tiny in comparison to the amount of use you’ll get out of them. Plus, they easily meet energy efficiency standards.

2. PVC windows are excellent insulators

Triple glazing.

PVC windows are great at insulating our homes against both sound and heat. This means you won’t be bothered by loud noises outside your house, and the atmosphere of your home will be less affected by changes in external temperatures.

By insulating your home properly, you won’t need to waste money or resources on heating or air conditioning. You’ll see the benefits of your new windows in your gas and electric bills month after month.

3. They’re safe

PVC is strong and durable.

PVC is far stronger than wood. This is a great advantage when it comes to keeping your home safe, as your windows will be better at keeping potential burglars at bay, and will reduce the likelihood of accidents.

4. They don’t need maintenance

Double glazed windows.

PVC windows last a minimum of 50 years. With such a long lifespan, you don’t need to paint and maintain them regularly. However, all PVC windows need is an occasional clean, like any other piece of furniture.

5. They’re easy to clean

Window cleaning.

Wooden windows need cleaning with specially designed products, so as not to damage the material. The same goes for aluminum. When it comes to PVC windows however, all you need is a damp cloth, water, and soap or detergent. You don’t have to buy any special products.

6. PVC windows are versatile

White PVC windows.

Traditionally, these windows are white, but you can also find them in a variety of other colors. You can even buy PVC windows with a wood or brick finish, allowing you to combine them with a range of different styles.

You can also choose from a variety of different opening types (casement, tilt, sliding…), meaning they can adapt to your every need, and allow plenty of natural light into your home.

Of course, there are some disadvantages. They are often significantly more expensive than other materials, especially if you decide to go for double or triple glazing. They’ll also need to be installed by a professional if you want to avoid any leaks.

If you’re thinking about installing these windows in your home, be sure to consult with an expert, who will be able to help you enjoy all their benefits for longer.