The Keys to Decorating your Attic

Some of the features of the attic mean that decorating it isn't always easy. But, with our tips, you'll be able to make the most of this space.
The Keys to Decorating your Attic

Last update: 27 October, 2018

Decorating an attic can be tricky, so much so that you might want to give up on the idea altogether.

But, if you can understand how to make the most of it, your attic could be an wonderful and charming space.

Not all houses have an attic, and if they do, we often use it as a storage or junk room. But these spaces have so much more potential.

If you keep certain key things in mind, you can make your attic into a really special and, more importantly, functional space.

In today’s article, we’ll give you some of the key basics so that you don’t give up on your plans to decorate your attic.

What is an attic?

An attic is the space just below the roof of your house. Its sloped ceiling is one of its most noticeable features. They are also known as lofts.

Sometimes, there is a window set into the roof, giving you a view of the sky. They don’t always have a window, and if not, we would really recommend that you add one.

Attics are normally fairly dark spaces, and a window will allow for plenty of light to enter. As well as being a good light source, they also allow for ventilation.

Their sloping ceilings and irregular shapes often make these difficult spaces to deal with, and arranging the furniture can turn into a real headache.

That’s why it’s important to think carefully about the furniture you’re going to buy and where you’re going to put it beforehand.

Adding a window or two means that you attic will no longer be a dark, cold space.

What to do with your attic

For a number of different reasons, many families decide they need an extension or conversion in their homes. For example, the arrival of a new family member, or the need for more space for children.

Giving your attic a makeover is a great idea. There are so many different things you can do with this space.

A successful attic refurbishment means making this normally cold and dark space into a warm, welcoming room, full of light. This is a big challenge, but it’s far from impossible.

The first step is to think about what you and your family need. A guest room? A room for your oldest child? A games room? A living room?

Attics are really versatile spaces; you could even turn yours into a loft that is totally independent from the rest of your house.

This idea first came about as land prices – and as a result, property prices – began to rise. Many people started to rent out their lofts as a way to earn extra money.

As you can see, they offer endless possibilities.

However, when you start decorating your loft, we recommend that you make your own needs the priority, so that you can create a really functional space. 

You could even make your attic into a second bathroom.

The keys to decorating your attic

Next we’ll give you the keys to making sure the decor in your attic will create a functional and welcoming space.

Natural light

The first key is natural light. If your attic doesn’t have any windows, it’s important to invest in having one or two installed, depending on how big your attic is.

The ideal thing is to choose a window with an integral blind, so that you can regulate the amount of light in your room.

Windows will act as a natural light source, and also serve to ventilate the room.

Getting the right furniture

One of the biggest issues when it comes to decorating attics is the furniture.

It’s best to buy made-to-measure furniture, so that you don’t have problems with the shape of the roof. That way, you can make the most of all the available space.

Get the height right

It’s important to know your attic inside and out. That way, you’ll be able to make the most of every available inch of space.

We’ve said before that one of the most noticeable features of attics is their sloping roof. This characteristic means that your attic ceiling has different heights in different places.

These different heights can cause real issues – you might buy furniture destined for one part of the room, and find that it is actually too tall for the space.

That’s why we recommend that you design the layout of your room according to these different heights. For example, you might want to place a sofa or the television set in the lower portions of the room. That way, you’ll be able to make the most of even the lowest parts of the room, without having to worry about bumping your head.

You can buy furniture especially adapted to sloped attic ceilings - like these shelves.


We can’t talk about decorating an attic without also talking about different decorative styles.

As we always say, it’s important to create a sense of harmony. However, because they are isolated from the rest of the house, you have the chance to be more daring when it comes to the decor in your attic.

One idea that works particularly well is to decorate your attic in a totally different style to the rest of the house. That way, you can create a unique environment, and it will almost feel like you’re somewhere else entirely.

Because the ceiling is usually made of wood, the rustic style is one of the most common styles used to decorate attics.

The atmosphere it creates is not unlike that of a cabin or chalet.


As we have seen, there are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating your attic. Everything depends on your family’s needs, and what you want to do with your space.

We hope that with our tips and advice, you’ll be able to create a functional, welcoming and charming attic for your home.