The Importance of Choosing the Best Lighting for Your Plants

Plants are part of your home decor. For this reason, it's necessary to take care of them and provide them with the best lighting so they always look healthy.
The Importance of Choosing the Best Lighting for Your Plants

Last update: 11 April, 2021

Just like in any house, there are rooms with larger windows that receive a lot of light at different parts of the day, while other rooms are dark and hardly receive any light. So, today, we’re going to focus on the importance of choosing the best lighting for your plants so they always look lush and healthy.

Plants are living items, and there’s nothing worse for them than depriving them of sunlight. This is important because it’s what makes them thrive. Of course, if you have indoor plants, you have to think carefully about where you put them since you have the walls and ceiling as obstacles.

For this reason, even for you, natural lighting is essential. It helps improve your mood, your plants’ mood  and, in general, makes your home look better.

Think about the orientation of your house

A plant located in the best lighting.

If you’re going to have indoor plants, you must get to know your house. To do this, you should answer these questions: Which way is it oriented? When and how long does it receive daylight? Whether you live in the country, a detached house, a townhouse, or an apartment, you must consider the geographical orientation.

If it’s a dark house where you get just a few hours of daylight, you should place your plants as close to the window as possible. There’s no other choice, since if you don’t do it, you’ll severely damage or kill them, basically because they’ll be in complete darkness.

On the other hand, if you have a bright house with large windows, then you can place them anywhere you want, according to the plant’s needs and where you think they look best.

Plants play an important role in home decor.

Advice on choosing the best lighting for your plants

Once you’ve assessed your home and how the lighting can affect your plants, you can start decorating but without harming them. Let’s look at some useful and practical tips for doing this.

  • You must take into account that depending on the species and size, they’ll require a certain number of hours of sunlight. Likewise, it’s important to know that constant exposure to the sun isn’t desirable for certain types of plants.
  • If you place them near the windows, you don’t have to put them in front of the glass. In fact, you can move them away from the window and put them anywhere in the room. The most important thing is that they’re in a bright space where they can still take advantage of the best lighting.
  • You don’t have to move your plants outdoors continuously. There are people who take them in and out almost every day from the terrace or balcony for a few hours and this isn’t necessary. What they need is a peaceful atmosphere, with the right amount of humidity and where there’s moving fresh air from outside.
  • Obviously, if they’re near windows, they’ll benefit more. However, with some species, try to avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time. This can cause them to burn and turn yellow.

Darkness isn’t good

A plant in the bathroom.

What happens if your plant is in a dark space? It’ll die. A plant needs the best lighting every day. You can compare them to human beings, who also need light, so you should avoid placing them in dark and gloomy environments.

One mistake people make is going on vacation and covering all the windows. The plants won’t receive their daily light intake and, consequently, they’ll lose vitality and energy. So, they’ll be doomed to die.

Lighting and water are vital for any plant.

The best lighting helps keep plants green and fresh

If plant is unhappy, it’ll tell you. This is because it’ll lose its greenness. This is a factor to consider if you want your home to look alive.

It’s important to take into consideration all these factors. This is so all your plants can look healthy and live a long life. They’ll show off their colors, which is something that can help brighten up your life.


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