The Disinfectant Mat: A New Trend

By using a disinfectant mat, we'll obtain the maximum benefits within a safe living space. We'll eliminate bacteria and avoid infections. Keep reading to learn more.
The Disinfectant Mat: A New Trend

Last update: 05 October, 2021

We’re always trying to maintain our household hygiene to the best of our abilities, now more than ever before. Especially since the global pandemic, hygiene is something that worries us. For this reason, we’re looking for new formulas to help us keep everything in perfect condition. Therefore, we’re going to learn more about the disinfectant mat and what it consists of.

Cleaning your home is a fundamental issue. On a personal level, we all want to have everything in order and present a good appearance. Hence the need to have healthy habits such as cleaning dust, scrubbing our bathrooms, sweeping, ventilating our homes, and so on.

We should regularly follow this basic cleaning routine. By doing so, we’ll obtain the maximum benefits within a safe living space, eliminating bacteria and avoiding infections.

What’s a disinfectant mat and where should we place it?

The disinfectant mat, a new trend

The disinfectant mat is a very interesting resource for sanitizing footwear. Generally, when we come from the street and enter our homes, we don’t always change or immediately remove our shoes. In this way, it’s inevitable that we introduce bacteria and debris into our homes, thus making daily cleaning essential. Especially if there are babies at home that crawl on the floor.

One way to achieve a clean space is through a disinfectant doormat. It can be placed at the door of your home, right on the entrance porch, or in the hallway. In addition, it doesn’t take up much space and usually has approximate dimensions of 65 x 40 centimeters.

There are also larger ones available for communal areas that serve the same purpose. These are very safe and simple for everyone to use, as residents will walk upon this mat and clean their footwear instantly.

Disinfectant mat: benefits, materials, and durability

When defining what its benefits are, we must bear in mind that it’s for daily use. Before entering your home, it’s important to sanitize your outdoor footwear. Let’s take a look at disinfectant mats in closer detail:

  • Generally, they’re made of rubber and resist the passage of time very well. They’re robust and made for durability, unlike fabric rugs that can show considerable deterioration in just a short space of time.
  • Some disinfectant mats also function as a container for the disinfectant liquid–contained within the area on which we step. But to achieve the best results, it’s important that we make sure our shoes are impregnated in the liquid.
  • Once this procedure has been carried out, we proceed to the drying mat, located right next to the container mat. This formula ensures we don’t stain any surfaces and that we avoid unnecessary splashes. However, it’s still advisable to remove your footwear before entering your home.
  • Another of the most common types of disinfectant mats are those that are moistened by the disinfectant liquid and then work like a sponge. Even so, it’s necessary to place a dry mat next to it to avoid stains or footprints.

The homemade disinfectant mat

The disinfectant mat, a new trend

If you don’t want to buy one and you prefer to save money, you can make one at home. In reality, it’s a very simple creation, it doesn’t require any complicated structure and it disinfects quickly.

You can use a small container where you can pour the disinfectant or you can use vinegar. Then you can choose to use an absorbent drying mat that serves to absorb any moisture that remains on the sole. In essence, the procedure is exactly the same and the result will be the same.

An increasingly common trend

Currently, society wants to achieve high standards of safety and hygiene. The best way to achieve this purpose is through a disinfectant doormat. Hence it’s become a new aesthetic trend that also contributes decoratively.

By placing it at the entrance of your home, you can have custom colors and designs, even ones with welcome messages. There’s no better way to welcome your visitors just before they enter your home.

In short, we can say that this type of doormat is functional, useful, and decorative–to such an extent that we can enrich the aesthetics of our homes from the entrance itself.

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