The Ceiling and its Role in the Decoration of Your Living Room

The ceiling plays a huge role in the decor of your living room. It's acquiring greater prominence for added elegance and sophistication.
The Ceiling and its Role in the Decoration of Your Living Room

Last update: 27 October, 2021

One way to embellish your home interior is through resources such as the ceiling. This is a very interesting component for each room of your home. Particularly in your living room where you want harmony to reign and to create a feeling of tranquillity.

Instead of focusing solely on individual elements, it’s essential to turn your living room into a space full of life and personality. Don’t forget, there’s a direct relationship between the ceiling, the walls, and the floor.

However, there’s another factor that we can’t forget: lighting. This is considered an aesthetic reference; a principle that contributes to providing sensations and generating well-being. The objective is, fundamentally, to achieve order and well-being.

The purpose of the ceiling in terms of decor

The aesthetic effect of skylights in the home

The ceiling is a type of false roof that’s stable and configured to hide the internal structure of the home. It achieves a truly attractive visual effect by an aesthetic differentiation with respect to the general infrastructure.

Typically, we’re used to having right-angle ceilings with hidden beams with a simple and functional effect. However, we have different possibilities to work with the ceiling and produce that touch of distinction to offer a modern appearance.

As a general rule, lights are arranged around the ceiling and in the center. These aren’t usually of great magnitude but instead, are rather sober in order to generate temperance. Of course, there are many varieties of lighting, but those with basic formats are elementary.

Main characteristics of the ceiling in your decor

If we have to point out some of the most common principles of the ceiling, it’s essential to recognize that, from an aesthetic point of view, it helps to harmonize the entire space. It’s almost as if it were an enveloping coverage from the top to the bottom.

  • Generally, rectangular and square ceilings acquire the greatest predominance. This is unlike circular ones, but of course, it depends on the shape of the room itself.
  • The ceiling texture is usually smooth, compared to other rough formats such as the stipple effect, which makes for a very interesting appearance. Although it may not seem like it, this is essential to get a visual appreciation of the entire environment.
  • Another typology is a ceiling with wallpaper on the surface. In the end, it’s a way to thematize and show a chromatic aspect that’s interesting and relaxed.
  • The most common ceilings are those that are made of plaster. Although there are also those with wooden slats or methacrylate panels. We even have the option of using different colors that allow the surface to be energized with a minimalist touch.
  • Regarding the interior of these ceilings, there are usually spaces where wiring is located. This is done in such a way that everything, except the lights themselves, is hidden from the surface.

The play of light: a surprising effect

Light fixtures.

Undoubtedly, lights play a crucial role in the whole living room. If we carefully visualize the space, two possibilities come to mind. On the one hand, we can use spotlights or bulbs that are located in a functional way.

On the other hand, we can install a retractable light which really helps to set the scene. This light radiates towards the surface and an aesthetic process is generated to beautify and soften the image of the room itself.

At no time is the absence of illumination perceived–quite the opposite. A subjective decorative concept is achieved where the general image acquires greater relevance.

How can the ceiling contribute to your living room?

Keep in mind that the types of ceilings we mentioned above, won’t look as good in functional places. These include the garage and the storage room. Apply our tips in those rooms where you’re going to receive guests, or where you’re going to spend more time resting.

Don’t forget that your purpose is to make everyone who enters your home, feel comfortable. In this way, we can achieve the feeling of well-being that we all desire.

In short, the ceiling in your living room decoration is a very interesting concept. Use it to create a room that gives elegance, personality, and harmony.

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