The Benefits of Essential Oils

Here you'll learn about the benefits of essential oils and how to use them. They're the latest trend in the decor world.
The Benefits of Essential Oils

Last update: 13 March, 2021

In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits of essential oils and how to use them. They’re the new must in the decor world.

Essential oils are the latest complements for your home. They have many beneficial properties for your health, and if you choose a pretty diffuser, you’ll have the perfect duo for your entrance, living room, or bedroom.

These little drops of beautiful scent can change your mood, and benefit your health. You’ll love them once you know more about them.

The benefits of essential oils

the benefits of essential oils

Essential oils have been around for many years, but today they’re considered important for alternative therapies and well-being

They can act at different levels to affect the body and mind. You can use them for different purposes, such as relieving cold symptoms and dealing with stress.

Essential oils have a lot of benefits, but they also have some contraindications. That’s why you should ask your doctor before start using them.

How to use essential oils

the benefits of essential oils

Some essential oils can help you to deal with your mood, improve your health, or complement your well-being. This depends on the kind of oil you choose.

An important thing to keep in mind is that there are three ways to use them:

  • Topical: absorbed through the skin. These are concentrated products, so they can’t be used directly on the body. They must be diluted in a base oil, like almond or vegetable oil.
  • Orally: some essential oils can be ingested. They’re used to relieve infections and improve health. Oregano is good for difficult digestion and intoxications.
  • Inhalation: diffusers are very popular because they relieve certain respiratory problems and allergies. They also help to relax and put you in a positive mood.

Use a diffuser

There are many kinds of diffusers for essential oils. They’re very different, so it’s important to know their characteristics.

  • Diffusers for dry essential oils: these provide a concentration of essential oil microbes into the atmosphere.
  • Diffusers for ultrasonic essential oils: these offer a cold aromatic mist generated by ultrasonic waves and give a degree of humidity to the environment. Check out this one from Syros.

The recommended dose is 1 to 5 drops for children under 6 years old and 5 to 10 drops for adults. It’s important to consider that some essential oils are not recommended for pregnancy and babies.

Some properties of essential oils

the benefits of essential oils
  • Lemon essential oil: increases energy, keeps you active and makes breathing easier.
  • Orange essential oil: gives energy, works as a mosquito repellent, and stimulates the defenses.
  • Grapefruit essential oil: some believe that it has detox properties because it activates the lymphatic system.
  • Eucalyptus essential oil: improves breathing and stimulates the body’s defenses.
  • Cypress essential oil: helps with anxiety, depression, and self-esteem.
  • Lavender essential oil: helps to relax the body and mind. Take a look at this one from L’Occitane en Provence.

If you like essential oils you need to know how to use them. Learn about their characteristics and choose the best one for you.

Your home will smell amazing and your mood and health will improve. Which one is your favorite?

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