Tips on How to Decorate a Nursery for Your Baby

Today we'll give you some tips on how to decorate a nursery. As you can see, babies no longer have rooms decorated according to their gender.
Tips on How to Decorate a Nursery for Your Baby

Last update: 10 September, 2020

Today’s article will offer you some tips on how to decorate a nursery. One of the things you’ll learn is that gender color clichés (pink and blue) are no longer relevant for a nursery. Neutral colors have taken over nowadays. Their calming effect and easy adaptability to any style are probably what we like most about this color palette.

Also, a decorative base in neutral tones with accents in other tones will allow you to change the room as the years go by without having to start from scratch. Neutral tones in the nursery haven’t been relegated just to fabrics. You’ll see them on furniture, walls, and floors.

As you can see, this neutral style in the nursery will grow with the child because the range of colors is appropriate for any age and gender.

Starting with the neutral color palette, there are some other keys elements that’ll turn the baby’s room into a decorative success. Let’s look at some.

How to decorate a nursery – choose the fabrics before the furniture

An example of how to decorate a nursery.

This is important. But it’s usually done the other way around. A nursery is the one room in the house that’ll have the most upholstered furniture. Assuming you’re not going to pick the largest room armchairs or a couch will visually cover most of the space.

There are all sorts of accessories such as cloth blinds, rugs, baby bedding, lining for the changing station… The nursery is a room with an affinity for fabrics. Therefore, you must adapt the furniture to the fabrics you choose and not vice versa.

When it comes to fabrics, you can continue with neutral colors, although you can afford to use some accent color. At least as long as it doesn’t tip the balance and serenity you’ve achieved with the first colors. Baby or pastel colors, very soft shades that match the neutral base of the baby’s room work well.

Focus on the comfort of the furniture

A cozy nursery.

The trend when it comes to decorating a nursery is to focus on the crib. However, you’ll likely spend most of the time in the armchair or couch with your baby. So in addition to continuing with the range of colors you choose, you should focus on comfort.

Upholstered armchairs, romantic rocking chairs, or a sofa will be the center of many night feeds and hours of getting the baby to sleep. Look for comfortable, wraparound padding that’ll provide natural support for your back and head.

Storage items

A nursery ready for the baby.

When a baby arrives, in just a few months, stuff will multiply throughout the house. So if you want to keep the feeling of peace and tranquility you seek in the nursery, the storage areas must be well planned.

“A place for everything and everything in its place” is a decoration mantra that never fails. In addition to being visually perfect, a well-planned storage area keeps you from doing a lot of extra work. Something that’s appreciated when a baby occupies all your time.

Cots with a storage area, changing stations with extra space, wardrobes, and shelves with baskets and boxes should be in the nursery.

If the room isn’t too large, then you can use more storage furniture. You can also use furniture with soft curves that’ll make the room more spacious.

How to decorate a nursery with accessories

Decor accessories for a nursery.

The nursery isn’t just for sleeping and feeding. Adding a few touches such as toys will give it a fun look.

Accessories such as floor cushions, pompoms, tassels, and blankets on the armchair will turn this space where you spend a lot of time into a place that will always be comfortable.

Themed decor for nurseries

A cozy room.

While decorating the nursery, you should choose a central theme. An animal, a doll, and even a child’s drawing can be the axis around which the rest of the decoration of this room rotates.

For instance, unicorns, dinosaurs, and other animals can stimulate the baby’s imagination. You can also focus on a color or a landscape such as a forest or a beach.

We love themed bedrooms, although, in this case, you must minimize the repetition of the thematic figure. Avoid the central motif in every decorative element. A few touches are enough here and there, in a balanced way and without losing the simplicity of the bedroom.