Ten Cleaning Habits to Make Your Own

We know that cleaning isn't something everyone enjoys, but you can adopt some cleaning habits that make it more enjoyable. There's a perfect formula for it. Continue reading to find out more.
Ten Cleaning Habits to Make Your Own

Last update: 10 July, 2020

We’ve investigated the 10 cleaning habits we should copy from the most meticulous people. Why not let them inspire us with their routines? Their homes are an inspiration.

It’s time to take the bull by the horns and stop thinking about cleaning and actually do it. If you have to clean, do it now, and take advantage of all the cleaning routines that we’ve suggested, using meditation, music at full volume, or anything that can inspire you.

Creating a cleaning habits system 

Before talking about what the 10 cleaning habits are, let’s remember the world is divided into two types of people:

  1. those that focus on one area of ​​the house and look for ways to do the cleaning quickly and effectively
  2. those that create battle plans to organize the house and leave it perfect forever

Whichever way you clean your house it’s fine. But we want you to include these guidelines to make housework easier. How does that sound?

1. Having everything at hand is one of the most important cleaning habits

A bucket with cleaning supplies.

Let’s start with the first of those cleaning habits, which is none other than having all the products available to do their job. Do you know how much time people waste looking for their cleaning things?

This means starting to clean the bathroom and having to go to the other end of the house several times in search of the rags, the disinfectant, or the broom. So the first step is easy. Have a basket with everything you need for cleaning and take it with you throughout the house.

2. The clockwise technique

A classic alarm clock.

Again we usually talk about organizing and optimizing time. If you start with one room, follow with the next one instead of going to the opposite end of the house.

You can do this in a clockwise fashion to follow a logical order and go through the house until each corner is clean. This is one of our favorites out of all 10 cleaning habits.

3. Cleaning habits – do it from top to bottom

A person vacuuming

Follow this advice and start cleaning in the highest areas if you don’t want to mess up your work. This is because the dust will fall and end up on the floor.

In conclusion, don’t vacuum without first having thoroughly cleaned the dust from the shelves and furniture.  Otherwise, it will be all over the room again and your efforts will have been pointless.

4. Pick up before you clean

A messy room.

It’d be absurd to clean around a pile of clothes that have to be hung up, or between children’s toys.  Before you get down to business, put away everything that’s in the way.

See how to organize children’s toys.

5. Accept there’s no such a thing as perfection with cleaning

A clean living room.

Don’t be discouraged if you see that your house never looks like the ones in the magazines. We’ll tell you a secret, they’re not real. And those that are, are purposely made beautiful just for the photoshoots.

If you get discouraged, you’ll stop cleaning, and you’ll never achieve your goal. Enjoy spending time in your home, make it look nice and tidy, and the rest will follow. Also, an orderly space positively influences your mood.

6. Use the right products

An assortment of cleaning supplies.

We’re not just talking about a good window cleaner or the best degreaser. Use a small brush to rub the bathroom joins or a rag that traps dust well. This hard work will be reflected in the time you save and how good everything turns out.

7. Learn from your grandmother

A clothesline full of white shirts.

We love classic cleaning tricks because they work. Our grandmas knew better than anyone that the sun lightens white clothes, and that vinegar does wonders on the floors.

8. Don’t overdo it with the disinfectant

A few cleaning supplies.

The kitchen toilet and sink should be disinfected regularly. You can use gentler products to get rid of dirt and germs.

9. First the dry and then the wet

A bucket and a mop.

If we talked to the experts, they’d tell us to wipe with a dry cloth first and then follow up with a wet one. Otherwise, all the dirt will be spread around. It’s best to use a microfiber cloth, then vacuum, and then mop at the end.

10. Have fun!

A person playing a vacuum cleaner.

This is the easiest of the 10 cleaning habits. Smile, play music, and just go for it!

You’ll feel wonderful when your house begins to look tidier, cleaner, and more beautiful. Over time, you’ll get used to following these tips.

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