Tell Us What You're Like and We'll Tell You About the Bedroom of Your Dreams

Everyone needs their dream bedroom. Do you have yours?
Tell Us What You're Like and We'll Tell You About the Bedroom of Your Dreams

Last update: 06 December, 2020

The bedroom of your dreams relates to who you are. Read this article to find out how to customize your bedroom.

One of the most important rooms in your home is the bedroom. Not just because it’s a place where you rest, but also because it’s where your personality shows the most. In fact, the bedroom of your dreams will be related to what you’re like.

It’s not the same room for a person who likes a slow life versus someone who prefers the untiring rhythm of the city. So find out how you can design the bedroom that you always dreamed of.

Keys to achieving the bedroom of your dreams

A bedroom decorated in green and natural wood

Of course, your bedroom should be a cozy, warm, and relaxing place that has everything that you need, and that reflects your habits and your tastes. In fact, there are 5 vital elements that are responsible for transforming your bedroom into that peaceful place. Take note!

1.The color scheme should be soft, with neutral colors. If you’re a great color fan, only use them with accessories and in small doses, such as a pillow from IKEA.

2. Take care to design the room in a way that doesn’t hinder your day to day activities. In other words, make it a resting area and a place to organize and store your things.

3. The lighting should be warm and we recommend that you make use of light sources. Place auxiliary lamps that allow you to increase the intensity when necessary.

4. Invest in a comfortable bed and a quality mattress. This is because rest is important so that you feel well each day. Don’t skimp on your health.

5. Have order in every corner of your house and especially in your bedroom. In order to relax, you should live in a peaceful environment without chaos. Think about the stress things are disorganized.

Once you have these 5 points clear, you’ll decide what the bedroom of your dreams is. It should be a place that’s custom made for you, that speaks of how you are, and that makes you feel heavenly.

The bedroom of your dreams according to your personality

Bedroom with white linens and a wood wall


Image: Blue photo created by mrsiraphol –

For romantics

If you’re a person who pays attention to small details and who looks for beauty and sensuality in all things, a romantic bedroom is what you’re looking for.

You can use wallpaper with pastels on all of the walls, like this one by Leroy Melin. If there’s an item that will give that touch of something special, it’s a vintage piece, such as a vanity or a bureau.

For city dwellers

In this case, airy spaces are the key to having your dream bedroom. Use small pieces of furniture with straight lines and a design to break with the visual monotony.

As far as the finish is concerned, wood, polished cement, and brick will be essential to give an industrial look. In addition, use metallic elements for lamps or bed stands to complete the look.

Room with wood floors, and white walls

Image: Design photo created by freepik –

For classics

If you consider yourself conservative when it comes to decor, look to create an ambiance where you aren’t taking big risks and where the furniture is simple and of high quality. In other words, don’t fall captive to the trends.

Wood will best achieve this style and of course, you can include antiques that you can have as highlights in the bedroom.

For lovers of the country

A provincial bedroom is many people’s dream . But do you know the keys to achieve this? You need to have furniture that’s rustic and at the same time delicate and simple. Remember to avoid large heavy pieces.

The difference is in the detail. Even though this has something in common with the romantic style, its timelessness makes it more adaptable to wallpaper, antiques, and a lot of light.

If you want the bedroom of your dreams and you don’t know how to create it, listen to yourself. Figure out what your tastes are, the lifestyle that you want, and accomplish this through your furnishings and accessories.

There are lots of ideas just waiting for you out there. You only have to decide which ones you want to go with in your decor.