Shopping: Ready to Add a Showcase to Your Life?

The showcase cabinet is back to stay! Therefore, we recommend that you put one in your dining room as soon as possible. In addition to being fashionable, it's capable, versatile, and stylish.
Shopping: Ready to Add a Showcase to Your Life?

Last update: 06 October, 2021

If there’s one piece of furniture that’s regaining prominence in leaps and bounds, it’s the showcase cabinet. Although it’s true that years ago it was the star element of any dining room, over time it fell into disuse.

If you like the idea of introducing a showcase to your life and you want to give that wall a plus of functionality and style, pay attention! The showcase cabinet is back in trend. Ready to see how you can put one to good use at home?

All the showcase cabinets you need

Surely you remember the cabinets that contained precious treasures in your grandmother’s house? Maybe you have a favorite collection of treasures that you want to display?

In addition to their ability to preserve and display delicate pieces, a showcase furniture piece has a great decorative power that should be claimed. There are so many choices and styles to choose from–colors, with or without legs, and those with shelves and drawers. Discover all the possibilities!

A showcase in style

A showcase for dishes in the kitchen.

If we talk about trends for the dining room, raised structures are gaining new ground. This is because they’re comfortable pieces, allowing for easy access and giving more air and new life to small rooms.

A display showcase with high legs is a sure hit. Take into account that it doesn’t usually reach the ceiling, which gives it a lot of lightness. It’s always advisable to anchor it to the wall to avoid accidents when opening the doors.

A showcase in full color

A little color can make any piece of furniture gain prominence. You can create a very extravagant and fun personality for your dining room, if you know how to combine the colors well. If you choose chairs with the same tones as the display showcase, you’ll achieve a spectacular set.

The rest of the room decoration is better in neutral tones to let the jewel in the crown shine. We recommend that you read this article on how to use different colored furniture.

Tailored for solutions

If you have a dining room in an irregular shape, call in a carpenter. You can ask for exactly what you want and integrate your bespoke showcase display into the rest of your space. You can even add it to the side of your open kitchen.

Organization is key

display cabinet stripped wood
Showcase cabinet.

Many showcase cabinets have shelves and drawers and can even be made from recycled wood. Some have drawers with direct access and others from inside the cabinet–that is, to access them it’s necessary to open the doors.

As a general rule, the bottom drawer of a cabinet is the largest. Keep that in mind when it comes to storage. It’s a great option because you can organize linens and cutlery in the drawers.

The visibility of a showcase cabinet

It’s obvious to say that showcase cabinets have glass doors. However, they can come in many styles such as frosted, stained, or embossed. Try to make the display content look as aesthetic as possible and ensure it always remains orderly.

A glass door from top to bottom will look great. It gives a lot of light to your dining room and it’ll be a key piece that’ll stand out for its simplicity.

The showcase cabinet is back to stay! Therefore, we recommend that you put one in your dining room as soon as possible. In addition to being fashionable, it’s capable, versatile, and stylish.

In the market, you’ll find hundreds of options for different formats, materials, and colors. Simply find a perfect balance between your decor and accessories…and enjoy.

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