Invisible Doors - a Growing Trend

Invisible doors are a way of hiding the door frame by perfectly integrating them into the wall. These create harmonious visual integration in your space. Due to their characteristics, they are an elegant, contemporary alternative for your home.
Invisible Doors - a Growing Trend

Last update: 05 August, 2020

Invisible doors are doors that are flush with the wall. These are characterized by their formal look. This style of door doesn’t have any molding or exposed frame. As a result, they integrate perfectly with the wall.

Another interesting attribute of this type of door is that you can personalize them to a maximum possible height. For example, you can find options that go up to 10 feet tall.

A great idea is to camouflage these doors with the wall by painting them the same color. This also adds an elegant touch to any space. Alternatively, you can use a glass door, if you want to add light to your room.

You can also choose a door with a finish that best suits your taste, as well as the style of your home. Invisible doors create a wide variety of options, all of which are highly versatile.

These doors have an invisible or coplanar frame that blends into the wall. Also, invisible doors go well with the minimalist style.

Another option is to combine these doors with the contemporary style. Also, you can find different variations that go well with an avant-garde aesthetic.

Features of invisible doors

Flush with the wall

Invisible doors match the wall.

These doors have one face flush with the wall. As a result, they are perfectly aesthetically integrated with the wall since they have the same decoration.

Minimalist invisible doors

Another feature of these doors is that you can’t see any door furniture. The only element you can usually see is the door handle. However, there are invisible doors that even hide the handle.

Some of these style doors have a reversible frame and can be mounted on both masonry and plasterboard partitions. This is a practical solution that allows for changes. You can also decide on the orientation and the opening direction.

Invisible doors are an investment because they are designer doors with a touch of sophistication.

Floor to ceiling

Invisible doors can go from floor to ceiling.

One of the aspects that attract attention when looking at these types of invisible doors is their significant height. They are higher than traditional doors since most models go  from floor to ceiling.

However, one of the main objectives of this style is that the doors can be installed fairly easily.

Invisible doors without a frame

Perhaps one of the main attributes of these doors is that they don’t have a frame. This allows them to align and fit perfectly into the surface of the wall.

In this way, you can create an elegant aesthetic, and smooth surface. This style doesn’t have any elements that alter visual impact.

Visual continuity

Another important feature of these doors is that they allow for perfect visual continuity with the wall. Thanks to this, you can create clean spaces without visual noise.

This quality is especially important in small homes. It can help create a feeling of spaciousness.

Sliding doors as an alternative

A sliding bathroom door.

Another option is a sliding door. When open, you can hide them inside a wall in a hole embedded in or above the wall. Even if they don’t slide into the wall, they lay flat against the wall.

You’ll have the feeling that your doors disappear, whether inside the wall or by blending the door with the color of the wall.

Hiding spaces

One of the great advantages of these doors is that they allow you to hide the spaces behind them. For example, you can use these types of doors to hide your kitchen or a bathroom.

This option also helps you create visual, spatial cleanliness. For example, when you’re not using the kitchen, you can close the doors and prevent visual distraction.

Invisible door projects

A gray wall and door.

The minimalist style of these doors fits perfectly into modern and contemporary projects. If you’re decorating your home and you love minimalism, you should look into installing one of these doors.

The door integrates perfectly and is placed flush with the wall without any visible frame. This system is generally made up of a hidden, strong aluminum frame.

One option is to paint the frame white. These usually have retractable hinges and magnetic locks. You can also find different styles, such as lacquered, wood (natural or synthetic), or you can find a finish that you can paint.

Of course, you must pick a finish that matches perfectly with the surrounding walls.

As you can see, invisible doors have a wide range of possibilities. You can find a style that perfectly fits your home and style. Also, there are other options that you can have tailor-made to fit your needs.

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