Redecorating a Bachelor's Home for Two

We're here to help you move on from a single's setting to a couple's home. Long live love!
Redecorating a Bachelor's Home for Two

Last update: 29 January, 2020

Taking the next big step in your relationship? We know it isn’t an easy decision. Now that’d you’re committed, we’re not abandoning you either. We want to help you transform your place into a home for two. Will you follow our lead?

First and foremost, now everything is about compromise. You won’t be the only one making decisions so you need to learn how to listen and seek solutions that suit both tastes. Here’s a link where you can read tips on living with your partner.

A mature home

for two mature

This doesn’t mean turning to classical or boring. Nor does it mean that you have to give up your personal preferences. Instead, organize and make sense out of your home decor.

Try to define your decor style – you might lean more towards the Nordic style, or maybe the industrial style. Or maybe you go the other way towards something more zen. Regardless of what you choose, defining a decor style will make everything fit together.

Space for two

To jump from a single’s home to one for two, make sure that both of you have your own clearly marked spaces. If not, couple life can hit rough patches.

You also need furniture and accessories that make your home more functional. IKEA’s KALLAX shelves are a great option as they look nice and can serve countless purposes.

Personal space

Living together doesn’t mean you have to be connected at the hip. Remember that your home is a place where you should feel safe and comfortable, and that’s precisely why you need to create spaces for alone time.

When you tweak your home decor to create a nest for two, don’t forget to create areas where both of you can enjoy your own activities without having to share all the time. Having personal space is healthy. Some people even prefer sleeping in different rooms… and why not?

Common space

for two common spaces

Organizing a common space is a crucial step in moving on from a single’s home to one for two: layout, decor, etc. It’s not an easy task so see it as an opportunity to practice your communication skills.

To communicate, you need to have a tranquil space at home where you can sit down and talk. Avoid making it the bedroom. Instead, look for a room without distractions. It should also feel warm and cozy with positive energy. Check out our Feng Shui for couples ideas, they’ll come in handy.

From living on your own to living with your other half – the bedroom

for two bedroom

The bedroom is hands down one of the most important rooms in a home for two. It’s where intimacy reigns. That said, try to create a clean, quiet refuge. Also, build a space that can help you rest well at night.

It’s important to make sure that both you and your partner appreciate the bedroom decor. If you both can’t seem to agree on a particular decor style, try a neutral decor with gentle colors and small details. Neutral decor will help both of you feel at home.

Now it’s time for teamwork

for two teamwork

You’ll also brush elbows frequently in the kitchen. As you’ll have to work together, a big kitchen is ideal.

But if you have a small kitchen, use smart space-saving solutions. Try to always have counter space clean and organized. Also, keep your refrigerator sparkling and tidy as well.

With our tips, the transition from living by yourself to living with your significant other won’t be too complicated. Good luck!

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