A Better Night's Sleep - Small or Big Beds?

A good night's sleep is within your reach. Invest in a good bed and transform your bedroom into the resting space that you need.
A Better Night's Sleep - Small or Big Beds?

Last update: 08 January, 2020

Some people can sleep anywhere; whether they’re in a chair, on a couch or even on the floor it doesn’t matter. But what about quality sleep? Quality sleep starts with a bed. But does a better night’s sleep come from a small bed or a big one?

More often than not, what works best for us is a result of what we’re used to. Room size is another important factor in making the  decision. If you have a big room, a big bed might be a better aesthetic choice. On the other hand, small beds look better in small rooms.

While every person has their own preferences, everyone should rest comfortably. A comfortable bed allows you to wake up completely rested and ready for the day. Your bed is important.

Bed size and room dimensions

sleep bed size

Your bed plays a crucial role in your bedroom and can either be big or small. The size is actually a big factor in making your decision.

You need to choose a bed that fits proportionally into your bedroom. Try to avoid beds that are too big or too small to maintain decor harmony. If you have a big room, you can contemplate bigger options, especially if you live with a partner.

But your personal preferences will also help you decide on the size. Many people prefer sleeping in twin-size beds because they find queen- or king-sizes too big. But twin-size beds can usually fit into any setting with no problem.

Make sure that your bed is proportionately sized with its surroundings. 

Small beds – individual sleepers

sleep small bed

We’ve all slept in a twin-sized or single bed before. While some find it too snug, others deem it the perfect size for a good night’s sleep. So, what can a small bed offer you in terms of comfort and decor?

  • Small beds are usually around 90-centimeters long but some can be 100 or 105 centimeters as well.
  • They fit perfectly into any corner. Small beds make great options for baby, teenage or student bedrooms. They even come in trundle bed options.
  • Create a snug area to sleep. The small area fits perfectly to the size of an individual adult. You might not think so at first glance, but small beds offer pleasant rest and comfort.
  • Because they’re for individual use, you can enjoy your personal space as you rest. In addition, they’re easier to make in the morning.

Big beds – space and proportion

sleep bed big

Big beds are more suitable for two people. They’re originally meant for couples as they might feel a little too large for one person. Regardless, some people do prefer to use big beds for just themselves.

  • Big beds usually measure about 150 centimeters in width. While you can always find bigger or smaller models, most sizes are around 150.
  • They offer plenty of space that helps users feel free, even when resting in the center. They’re great options for people who move around in their sleep or need to stretch out to get comfortable.
  • Bigger beds take up more space in the bedroom. A big bed means it’ll take center stage in your room. As the centerpiece, you’ll have to decorate it accordingly.
  • A good mattress is essential. It should have the right measurements and offer maximum comfort.

Good sleep and well-being

sleep bed well being

Your brain needs at least six hours of sleep in order to get through the day. But if your mattress or bed frame doesn’t align properly with your body, you could suffer unnecessary discomfort.

Don’t think twice about looking for the best beds for you and your family. Invest in a good bed. You need a quality bed that can ensure a good night’s sleep.

But remember to look for a good visual fit in addition to the best practical option. Your bed should fit your room’s proportions and stand out in terms of decor.