Recommendations for Mopping the Floor the Right Way

Floors are extremely important when it comes to the way a home looks. Not only is it important to choose the right colors and materials for your floor, but it's vital to take care of it.
Recommendations for Mopping the Floor the Right Way

Last update: 18 June, 2020

There’s no such thing as ‘perfect cleaning’. However, it’s possible to achieve the best and most hygienic result possible if you do it right. To make this happen, we’re going to give you some recommendations for mopping the floor the right way. Only by doing this will you be able to remove stains and dirt effectively.

Let’s be realistic – everyone wants their house to look as perfect as it can. How amazing would it be to have your home organized and clean at all times? Well, it’s not impossible. As long as you carry out the household chores correctly and work to keep it looking good, your home can look neat 24/7.

Floors tend to get dirty very quickly. It enters the home without us realizing it. Also, it moves from one place to another easily to the point where, in the blink of an eye, more than one area looks dirty.

Make cleaning a habit

A mop cleaning a wooden floor.

New habits can be quite difficult for some people because we’re all pretty busy. Work, school, relationships, hobbies, among other things, make it hard for people to maintain a good cleaning routine.

It’s very important to keep the floor clean for many different reasons. For one, you avoid infections. Secondly, your levels of well-being increase. Third, you protect the safety of your guests and family. Lastly, you preserve the floor.

Although it may not seem like it, you can achieve all of this by mopping the floor the right way and carrying out household chores daily. This article is about the floor, however, you mustn’t forget about the other areas – they need to be cared for as well!

Mopping the floor the right way

A wet mop.

Mopping the floor correctly isn’t difficult, you just have to make sure to get the best products and the right tools to do it.

A mop is a great cleaning tool. Since its invention in 1964, it’s been an effective resource that allows us to clean floors without having to bend over.

For wooden floors, we advise you to make smooth movements with the mop; don’t rub the floor excessively, as it could damage it. If there are a tough stain or footprint marks, you can remove them by tapping on them gently – it may take longer, but it’s worth it.

On the other hand, ceramic floors can be mopped more intensively, since this type of material is usually used for kitchens and bathrooms – the places that tend to get the dirtiest. When it comes to this material, it doesn’t matter if you rub hard on the surface; in fact, you should do this if necessary.

Moreover, if something’s stuck to the floor, you should use another object (for example, a spatula) to remove it.

Lastly, mopping the floor isn’t something you should do fast. We know it’s not an entertaining activity, but it’s better to do household chores slowly and well than quickly and end up with a bad result.

The best products you can use

A wet mop on a wooden floor.

The product you choose for mopping the floor will be decisive in achieving a good result. This is something you must choose wisely – remember that other than cleaning the floor, you must take care of its material.

In the case of wooden floors, we recommend you use white vinegar because it helps protect and maintain the natural color. If you want a more refined result, you can also add baking soda.

For ceramic floors, you can use bleach or specialized flooring products. All of them will guarantee disinfection and hygiene that will provide you with safety and comfort.

Take care of yourself while mopping the floor

A woman mopping the floor.

People sometimes put their bodies in awkward positions while cleaning the house. Bending down a lot and standing up for a very long time can put your health at risk.

Using a mop to clean the floor provides a more comfortable position. As a result, you prevent lumbar injuries. Take care of your back while cleaning! If you have to use a cloth and bend down, make sure you do it slowly and effortlessly and take a break whenever you feel tired.

Hernias can appear after carrying out actions in awkward postures. Therefore, find a way to perform your household chores without taking risks to avoid domestic incidents.


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