Polished Cement: A Trendy Decorative Coating

Discover how to contrast the surfaces in your home using polished cement. This is an ideal and robust alternative to give your walls, floors and ceilings a unique look.
Polished Cement: A Trendy Decorative Coating

Last update: 16 May, 2023

Gone are the days when we had few options for decorating our homes. Fortunately, times have changed and we now have so many choices and endless possibilities to personalize each room. One of these options is polished cement, a material that’s literally gaining ground due to its elegance and easy maintenance.

Both interior and exterior decor have undergone extensive evolution in terms of the materials we now use to cover walls, floors, and ceilings. This includes our use of polished cement and the fact that it brings a contemporary and elegant style to any indoor or outdoor area.

Four reasons to use polished cement in your home

This material is a type of coating that’s applied to concrete or cement surfaces. After a polishing and sealing process, it achieves a bright and uniform finish. Its application involves various materials and tools and it brings outstanding results.

Here are four reasons why you should use it in your home:

1. Polished cement is customizable

You can use polished cement to renovate intimate spaces like the bedroom.
You can use polished cement to renovate personal areas in your home, like the bedroom.

The first thing that stands out about polished cement is the fact that it can be customized to create unique and modern surfaces. As such, the first thing you’ll need to do is choose the right shade and finish to suit your needs.

Two identical surfaces covered with polished cement can be very different when compared visually. As such, colors and results vary and will depend on the choice you make.

Being such a versatile material, you can decide whether to opt for a specific style, such as rustic. Although it also adapts well to other types too including vintage, modernist, and minimalist.

2. It’s an investment that lasts

In the midst of an economic crisis, we must all think carefully before spending money on home renovations. However, when you discover polished cement, you’ll quickly see how and why the investment is worth it.

Beyond the cost, which can be reasonable considering its characteristics, this material stands out for its durability. As such, it maintains its appearance for years and requires minimal care. 

No matter what surface you decide to cover and decorate with this material, it’ll resist the passage of time. Even if you decide to use polished cement in an area with a high footfall, its resistance is quite astounding.

3. Water resistant

Polished cement repels water, making it ideal for use in humid spaces such as the bathroom.
Polished cement repels water, making it ideal for humid spaces such as the bathroom.

Now you know how durable this material is, it’s time to delve into a feature that all homeowners love. It repels water and has an enormous capacity for water resistance.

This is good news! Especially considering that kitchen and bathroom surfaces are subjected to water and humidity. Using this material means that water doesn’t affect these surfaces in the slightest.

In fact, this popular decorative trend is even used on flooring surrounding swimming pools and hot tubs. Beyond the splashback from diving and jumping into pools, using this material outdoors also protects against rain. Moreover, as the years pass, your polished cement will still look like new.

4. Polished cement is easy to maintain

An easy material to maintain, you won’t need to buy specific cleaning products. This is a real benefit as specialized products can be quite expensive and, in some cases, difficult to find.

However, some substances such as wine, coffee, and oil can stain it. So you should avoid spillages where possible. If a spillage does occur, it’s advisable to clean it immediately with neutral soap and water. In addition, you can apply a sealer from time to time, especially in high-traffic or outdoor areas.

Subsequently, this material has simple and affordable maintenance, so it’s no wonder that its popularity is on the rise. Perfect for flooring,  columns, stairs, walls, and countertops polished cement has huge versatility.

Ready to use polished cement in your home?

If you’re looking for a decorative coating that combines both style and practicality, polished cement is an option you should consider. With its bright and uniform appearance, durability, and easy cleaning, it can transform any room into a modern and sophisticated residence.