Original Metal Staircases for your Home

In this article, we'll show you some beautiful metal staircases, perfect for giving your home a unique and more original touch.
Original Metal Staircases for your Home

Last update: 28 January, 2021

It goes without saying that staircases are fundamental in any two-storey house. They connect the floors together and add character and style to your home. When it comes to choosing the materials and the design, metal staircases are a great option for your house or apartment.

Metal is a strong, durable and elegant material that is really easy to clean. It’s extremely resistant and can take heavy weights and any knocks or bumps that might occur. Plus, it’ll give your home a really modern look. Staircases come in metals such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum, wrought iron and much more. They also have all kinds of different finishes, from opaque to glossy.

If you decide to incorporate a metal staircase into your home, the first things you need to consider are the style you want, how much space you have, and if you want to combine it with another type of metal. Remember, metal is much colder than some of the other common staircase materials you’ll find on the market. However, if you want to add a cold touch to your home, building or installing a metal staircase might be the perfect option for you.

An ornate metal spiral staircase with elegant arabesques.

Simple metal staircases

You can choose a staircase made entirely from metal, from the steps and the banisters, to the handrail. However, it can also be a good idea to combine the metal with other materials to create a more interesting look.

When it comes to staircases, there is a huge variety of metal staircases to choose from at the moment. First, you should decide on the design you want.

Staircase designs

Staircases can be straight or spiral in design. Straight staircases can have one or several flights, they can come in a U or L shape, and with or without landings and banisters. One way to incorporate a metal staircase into your home is to design a long, straight staircase with wide steps.

This is the perfect option for large, spacious houses. If your home is a little on the small side, however, you might want to consider some different alternatives.

Try to make good use of the tones and materials in the rest of your house. If your home as a more industrial aesthetic, metal staircases are a fantastic option. Iron, steel or aluminum with an aged, vintage finish will help to emphasize this industrial style. You can choose gray or black metal, depending on your taste.

On the other hand, there are spiral staircases. With an interesting metal banister and steps of the same material, these can be a really interesting option for your house or apartment.

Make sure to choose the right spot for your staircase, and be sure you have enough space. Get it right, and these staircases will help you create a more dynamic and impressive space.

Wrought iron staircases

In general, wrought iron staircases go really well with other materials. However, if you’re looking for a staircase made entirely of metal, wrought iron banisters will look really beautiful in your home. They’ll give your house a charming, vintage look, and come in a huge range of designs, with ornate arabesques and interesting geometric patterns.

Folding metal staircases

Unlike other the types we’ve looked at today, these staircases are not fixed structures used to connect one floor to another. Folding metal staircases are more like accessories, used to connect one room with a space that you don’t use very often, like an attic or storage space. They’re really practical as they can be folded up and stored away, and won’t take up any unnecessary space.

Combination staircases

Metal and wood

While you can have a staircase made entirely from metal, having a staircase which combines metal with another material can be a really interesting option. Play around with a warmer material such as wood, which can soften and lighten the visual impact of the metal.

You could go for a staircase with wooden steps, and incorporate metal details such as a banister or handrail. Or, you could do the complete opposite: install a staircase with metal steps and combine it with ornate wooden banisters. This is the most popular combination of materials, especially in modern or rustic style homes.

A combination of wood and metal will soften the industrial look.

Metal and glass

The combination of glass and metal is an essential feature in minimalist style homes. These cold, modern materials will give your home a really interesting and unique touch.

One interesting option is to install a staircase with metallic steps and a thick sheet of glass to act as a banister. The opposite can also work really well. The glass will make your home seem brighter and more spacious, while the metal will give it strength and elegance.

With their modern and striking designs, metal staircases can work great in almost any style of home. Strong and safe, even after years of use. Be bold, and use metal staircases in your home renovation project to give your home a brand new look and save space in your home.

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