Beautiful Wooden Banisters for your Staircase

As well as making your stairs safer, banisters are a great decorative element.
Beautiful Wooden Banisters for your Staircase

Last update: 25 December, 2018

Wooden banisters are essential if you want your home to be safe. Older people can use them for support when walking up or down the stairs, helping to reduce the risk of falls. The same goes for children, especially if they’re at an age where the steps are too big for them and they need something to hold onto.

As well as making your stairs safer, there’s no denying that banisters are also a great decorative element. As you’ll see in this article, they are made according to certain criteria to ensure their strength and durability, but also to make sure they look perfect in your home.

In this next section, we’ll show you some of the different types of wooden banisters you can buy for your staircase. You’re sure to find some that match the decorative style of your home and the dimensions of your staircase. As you’ll soon discover, you can find everything from minimalist designs to the most ornate and everything in between.

1. Minimalist banisters

Minimalist banisters are perfect if you’re looking for something simple and practical, but also safe and strong. All you need to make your staircase safer is a simple, straight banister like the one you can see in the image below.

All you need for a minimalist banister is a simple wooden rail.

Because they don’t take up much room, this type of banister is really popular in smaller homes. In this image, you can see a built-in staircase sandwiched between two walls, so there is no option but to install a minimalist banister.

If your staircase is really narrow, minimalist banisters are ideal. They don’t take up much space, so they won’t really decrease the width of your staircase. While minimalist banisters might not be the most visually impressive on the market, they are some of the most practical, so they’re a great option to keep in mind.

2. Wood and wrought iron banisters

Wooden banisters are often combined with wrought iron. The result is a hard-wearing, rustic banister that will steal the show in any home.

Wood and forged iron banisters are great for adding that rustic touch to your home.

In this image, the wrought iron is very simple in design: straight bars with small adornments at the top and bottom. The simplicity of the design counteracts the weight of the large wooden pillars.

A classic option that never goes out of style.

We’d recommend that you combine wood and forged iron in the same way. If you’ve gone for really eye-catching wooden banisters with bold carvings that attract lots of attention, we’d recommend that you choose really simple iron elements, and vice versa, combining elaborate iron elements with really simple wooden ones.

This type of banister is perfect for country homes, rustic cottages, country kitchens, and wine cellars. As well as bringing a touch of warmth to your home, they’ll also bring that really rustic feel that is so characteristic of these spaces.

3. Wood and metal banisters

Wood and metal banisters are the most popular at the moment. They’re strong, modern and look great. Although you might think they’d make your space seem cold and unwelcoming, this isn’t actually the case. As you can see in the image below, they don’t make it seem cold at all.

Metal banisters can help make your home seem brighter and more spacious.

We love this type of banister because it helps break the monotony of the wood. Sometimes, using wood for the floor, the stairs and the banister can create a dark, almost suffocating environment. If, on the other hand, we exchange some wooden elements for metal ones, it can completely change the look of your home.

What’s more, metal banisters make rooms seem brighter and more spacious, so they’re great if your home is a little on the small side. As for the temperature, while metal is often cold to the touch, there are more and more great options on the market which don’t get as cold as conventional metals.

There are many different types of banisters for every taste and style. Now that you know some of the main designs, you can choose the one that’s best for your home, keeping in mind the dimensions of your staircase and the decorative style of your home.