Now Trending - Decorating With the Colors of the Forest

Take inspiration from the colors that nature provides all-year-round to decorate your home! In this article, we'll be touching on how to make your home feel cozy and warm by using earth tones.
Now Trending - Decorating With the Colors of the Forest

Last update: 03 December, 2019

Few natural places offer such a wide variety of colors throughout the year as forests do. Reds and browns during the fall, as well as winter whites and spring greens. If you’re one of those who enjoy nature and walks around the woods, this year you’re in luck! Current decoration trends are providing many ideas on how to bring the colors of the forest to your home.

But that’s not all. This season we’ll be seeing wonderful interior designs using their textures, aromas, and sensations. For example, lots of velvet and wool. Dark wood in furniture and walls looking like large protective trees.

Using the colors of the forest to decorate brings a spectacular, mysterious, and nostalgic tone variety to any home. These natural details will turn any home into a perfect refuge during the cold months.

The warm colors of the forest

Decorating using earth tones.

During the fall months, forests are covered with a range of neutral tones, ranging from beige to dark brown. Colors that evoke the trunks of the trees, their branches that begin to empty and the leaves scattered on the ground. Bringing these colors to the decoration of your house will make it seem much warmer and comfier.

In addition, oranges, reds, ochres, and garnets are also colors that evoke the elegance of the forest and the change of seasons.

Reddish, terracotta and garnet tones remind us of the pumpkin and pomegranate harvesting season. These colors are the perfect addition to the decoration of the house when looking to achieve a natural and comfortable effect.

Walls in brown tones with furniture in light colors such as varieties of beige give the home relaxed energy. Using textiles that combine neutral colors, including plants in the decoration and adding accessories in orange, reddish or garnet tones will complete the look. And if you’re feeling extra and have a chimney, don’t forget to decorate it as well. All of these elements together will give that autumn touch to any corner of the house.

The colors of the forest – the charm of forest green

A gray sofa with accessories of the colors of the forest.

Even in the cold months, forests retain many of their wonderful green tones. Moss and olive-green combined with wonderful ochre and reddish tones. When it comes to the colors of the forest, this is definitely the first one that comes to mind. The variety of green is almost infinite, which gives a wide range of shades to play with.

Using green tones in interior decoration is the best way to bring nature home. Dull greens on walls or textiles look perfect when combined with dark wood furniture.

You can give contrast using accessories in gold and light neutral colors such as beige. This color has a wide range of tonalities so make sure you take it into consideration when buying furniture or accessories, for example, sofa blankets, cushions, lamps, and rugs.

The charm of cloudy forests

A dining room with details in grey and light wood.

In the months of intense cold, forests provide chilly mornings with beautiful landscapes where fog appears. After the mist, grayish trees and hints of ochre and green start to show up. When we think about the colors of the forest, it’s not common to think about the color gray. However, it’s ideal when wanting to make the home look as cozy as possible.

Grey is often mixed with all tones of wood and with complements in purple, maroon or orange. Without a doubt, this color gives any corner a dramatic yet very natural look.

Painting big spaces, such as walls, in warmer tones, achieves the same effect mixed with accessories in different shades of gray.

When the intense cold arrives

A neat and organized living room decorated with neutral colors.

Forests offer a wonderful and inspiring panorama after a winter snowfall. Creating that effect inside the house involves combining shades of brown with intense snow-white and some delicate touches in moss green.

Decorative accessories

A faux fur blanket on a grey couch.

Large wool rugs, blankets, and indirect, warm lights give the finishing touches to that natural aspect we want to achieve in the home. Textures such as velvet and wool are a great addition as well.

Accessories that evoke the dry leaves of autumn, pineapples or chestnuts are essential to give your house that cozy feeling that will automatically make you feel warm.

In brief, it doesn’t matter if you want to move the forest to your whole house, or if you prefer to recreate it only in the living room or in the bedroom. Lastly, you just have to light a fire to make your winter days seem like a foresty paradise.

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