Modular Furniture to Make the Most of Space

You may be looking for the best solution so all the furniture you need or want in your home fits. These examples of modular furniture will help this search.
Modular Furniture to Make the Most of Space

Last update: 09 August, 2020

Modular furniture is great for making the most out of your small house or apartment. Many of these items fold, so they’re the perfect solution to add functionality to your space without taking up too much room.

This type of furniture is popular as it can be folded while not in use. By opting for it you can have a broader spatial perception of the rooms in your house.

Another alternative if you don’t want completely invisible furniture, is to try to blend it in with the walls. This way your home will aesthetically benefit from it. Also, you can always integrate it into your decor.

For instance, you could paint your furniture in the same color as your walls. Or rather, try to place it next to the walls to free up the central space of a room. This is another way to maximize the use of space.

We suggest using modular furniture to save space, it’ll adapt to your needs.

Modular furniture – folding tables

A table with folding chairs.

Kitchens are often too small. If you were to have a table with seats, even if they’re the folding type, they limit the space and movement.

You can use modular furniture because it’s there when you need it and disappears when you’re done with it. As you can see, it’ll help you make the most of the space.

For example, you can have a table and two chairs that come out of the drawers of the kitchen cabinet. This wouldn’t be perfect for everyone, but it’s useful for a quick breakfast or a snack for two.

Modular furniture – hideaway kitchens

A transforming kitchen.

If your house or apartment is small, then maximizing space is a priority because you may get tired of putting up with the division of spaces. It’s not attractive at all.

As an alternative, you can integrate your environments and configure your open spaces, thereby adding charm to your home. There are other solutions to guarantee privacy, such as a hideaway kitchen behind sliding doors — kind of like a closet.

Hidden work zones

An office inside a closet.

You’ll love this solution if you work from home and you don’t have much space.

This is because you can have a small office in a closet with all the comfort you need. This will allow you to disconnect from work simply by closing the doors. You’ll save space and add a touch of elegance and innovation.

It’s great to have practical furniture that can quickly and efficiently meet the needs of your daily routine.

Cabinet or fitted wall

One of the current trends is to blend the furniture with the walls. This is a great way to maximize spatial perception.

For instance, you can blend your closet with the walls by painting them in the same color. It makes it seem as if there’s no closet.

Also, you can arrange it along the entire wall of your bedroom and take full advantage of the available space. The designers at Caccaro, one of the Italian companies that came up with this concept, think cabinets are key when it comes to organizing a home.

Modular furniture – pull out countertops

Transforming furniture for kitchens.

Once again, pull-out furniture is great for organizing and taking advantage of small spaces. This type of furniture is an interesting alternative to folding furniture.

It stands out due to its versatility and it can be expanded or reduced as desired, according to your needs. This countertop example adds an extra surface thanks to its pull-out system that’s similar to the mechanism of a transforming table.

Transforming walls

You can equip your walls with Murphy beds with shelves. Also, you can have another hidden piece of furniture on the opposite wall. For example, a folding wooden board that’s also a dining table.

When not in use, the chairs can be stacked, together with the table support, and be stored in a closet. The tabletop, used as a table, is part of a larger tabletop that becomes a single folding bed when you open it.

These are only a few examples of the many pieces of modular furniture you can find to maximize space in your home. We hope you’ll use some of these ideas in your home, they’ll add a touch of class and innovation to it.