Millennial Decor

Tech-natives, travel-nuts, nature-freaks and believers in practicality: today is all about millennial decor.
Millennial Decor

Last update: 20 June, 2019

It’s all about generations; our generation affects not only the way we think but also our taste in decor. Millennial decor is quite different from what our grandmothers followed to decorate their homes back in the day. Today, let’s take a look at the decor that draws in the crowd born in the years 1981-1999.

Millennials are the first generation to be 100% tech-fluent, highly educated, demanding, high upper-middle class and addicted to trends.

They’re also a population group that’s loyal to their favorite brands and saving up to explore the world. Entrepreneurs, travelers, multi-faceted and super-connectedthese are all ways to describe Generation Y.

A millennial home

Millennials don’t invest in expensive furniture and would rather spend on DIY details or vintage pieces they find at a flea market. They love decorating with personal objects that represent their interests: CD cases, movie posters, trinkets from their favorite TV program, etc.

If they do decide to make an investment, it’ll be for artisan elements that enhance their home’s personality.

Passion for nature

millennial decor nature

Though this generation speaks technology fluently– and is proud of it– it also has a passion for nature. Millennials also are conscientious of current environmental issues, turning them into true lovers of the living green around them.

Along with pets, plants will always have a special place in a millennial’s home. Favorites? Hands down, top choices are succulents, cacti, ferns, and snake plants.

Simple furniture pieces for Y-Gen homes

millennial decor simple furniture

As we said before, millennials aren’t about to spend their savings on high-end furniture. But that doesn’t mean they take their home decor lightly. Rather, this generation opts for simple furniture with Scandinavian, practical lines. If it’s in a millennial home, it’s going to be practical.

Benches are common for additional seating and storage space. Wooden shelves put favorite collections on display and you might also find a couch that’s always filled with people thanks to their vibrant social life.

Long live DIY!

millennial decor DIY

Maybe it’s to detox from all the tech, but this generation has taken cues from the past and has starting cooking, sewing, cross-stitching and doing other crafts.

True millennial decor has splashes of homemade details that might be a quilt or picture. Those details could also include an original headboard made from a wooden board, pallets or a tapestry from a recent trip.

A work corner nestled in a millennial home

millennial decor work corner

The way people work is changing: no more strict office hours for millennials. Instead, they mainly work from home. They’re born entrepreneurs that would rather risk a stable lifestyle than slave away at a company.

As a result, many set up a space for a home office that’s equipped with the latest technology, a wooden desk, a nice chair and some plants and pictures to decorate. And no more filing cabinets… it’s all in the Cloud.

It’s all about variety

millennial decor variety

Another trait that sets this generation apart is the love for mixing different styles and materials. This is especially true for restored materials, such as wood, hydraulic floors, tiles and inherited vintage furniture.

Few can mix and match an ultra-modern piece with a shabby treasure from a home decor store. Gen Y is also great at creating eclectic spaces that are full of charm.

A love for the minimal

millennial decor minimalist

Don’t look for big home appliances or large furniture pieces here. And the same goes for piles of small kitchen appliances. Millennials are all about simplicity and practicality. They’re completely content with light Nordic-style furniture and their smartphones that take care of the rest– why complicate things?

Are you a millennial? Take a look at your home or think about the decor details that you like

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