Magazine Worthy Dining Room

Having a magazine-worthy dining room is easier than you might imagine. From a good table to elegant tableware, it's that simple to achieve amazing results.
Magazine Worthy Dining Room

Last update: 18 April, 2023

If you want to have a magazine-worthy dining room, then you must read this article! Sometimes, when we see beautiful rooms on the covers of magazines, we assume that it’ll be expensive to recreate and achieve a similar result.

The truth is that it’s not complex, difficult, or costly. By paying attention to detail and making use of some low-cost, stylish elements, it’s more than possible to achieve a great result. Keep reading and discover our tips.

Tips to achieve a magazine-worthy dining room

Get ready because after reading this, you’re going to be able to recreate a beautiful dining room worthy of a magazine cover. You’ll notice how you can obtain incredible results on a budget.

1. Create a striking table

The dining room table is the hub of any social gathering. As such, if you want this room to be magazine-worthy, then your table will need to make a striking impression.

You can achieve this in different ways. Among them, consider the material and the color of the table itself, the tablecloth you use, and the decorative elements. These include vases, placemats, and napkins.

To have a magazine dining room, it is necessary to start with a table that is striking in every way.
To have a magazine-worthy dining room, start by creating a striking table.

2. Pay attention to your seating for a magazine-worthy dining room

Seating is an important part of any dining room, so it does require some thought. Ideally, chairs should be comfortable and elegant, something to remember when buying a dining room table set.

However, if making a complete change isn’t financially viable, you can buy some chair covers to match your decorative style. By covering your current chairs, you can enjoy a fresh new look with covers to match your tablecloth.

3. Opt for stylish tableware

Crockery is a highly valued decorative object when it comes to a magazine-worthy dining room. Ideally, it should be elegant and match your other table decorations. 

Something you can try for excellent results is combining two types of tableware designed to complement each other. Moreover, you can include color to make your table even more striking.

4. A magazine-worthy dining room: add a natural touch

Centerpieces with flowers are a traditional, but essential element in any magazine-worthy dining room. Although, make sure you choose the arrangement according to the type of table you have. For example, if your table is long, you should incorporate at least three floral arrangements: one in the center and the other two on either side.

Now, if you have a round table, put a bouquet of flowers in the center. Either way, don’t forget to pay attention to the colors and styles of the flowers you choose. If you’re having more than one floral arrangement, the flowers you choose must be in the style.

5. Consider your lighting

The dining room requires its own light source and what better way to contribute to the overall decor than with lighting? You can choose a ceiling lamp that stands out, such as one with glass tears to generate reflections. This creates an interesting and striking effect.

When it comes to lighting, you do have to take into account natural sources, such as windows, and place focus on the source. You can do this by placing a vase or a statue by the window. But don’t forget, this ornament must also match the rest of the dining room decor.

Lighting is a detail that cannot be neglected in a dining room worthy of a magazine.
Lighting is an important detail in a magazine-worthy dining room. 

6. Include unique details

If magazine-worthy dining rooms share something of interest, it’s that they’re completely unique. This is because they include different authentic touches that aren’t always found in a store. An example of this is using wine bottles to decorate the room.

Likewise, you can create make some rings for napkin holders using threads, dried flowers, and eucalyptus. In itself, the DIY options are multiple and only depend on your imagination.

Ready to show off that dining room you’ve always dreamed of?

As you’ve read, having a magazine-worthy dining room isn’t as difficult as it may seem. All you have to do is pay attention to detail and add some authentic and elegant touches to achieve this result.

By doing this, you won’t have to dream every time you open a magazine, rather, you’ll simply admire your own home!