DIY Flower Arrangements: Simple Ideas

Discover how to take advantage of your creativity with our DIY flower arrangement ideas. These professional-looking arrangements will give your home a whole new look.
DIY Flower Arrangements: Simple Ideas

Last update: 17 November, 2022

If you love flower arrangements regardless of the occasion, you have to know about these DIY flower arrangement ideas! These simple, but beautiful ideas will unleash your creativity and save you money, especially if you have a garden that you can take advantage of.

On a coffee table, bookcase, or side table; in your living room, dining room, kitchen counter, or island, in the bathroom, and even in the bedroom. A flower arrangement goes wonderfully in any space, so go ahead and follow our ideas!

Five simple DIY flower arrangements

To make DIY flower arrangements, you’ll need flowers, foliage, vases, or containers and lashings of creativity. You should also understand a little about aesthetics so that your arrangements look as harmonious and professional as possible.

Next, we’re going to give you some ideas and tips. Here we go!

1. Wildflowers for a very original flower arrangement

Vintage style centerpieces, a return to the past
If you have a wildflower garden, take advantage of pruning to make your own DIY flower arrangements.

As we mentioned before, there’s nothing better than taking advantage of the flowers that you already have in your garden. With these, you can create a unique and original display.

The only thing you need to have on hand, besides your wildflowers, is a pretty glass vase or recycled glass jar that complements the beauty of the flowers. Cut the stems considering the height of the jar or vase and make a diagonal cut so that the branches absorb water properly. Add water to the container and start arranging the flowers.

When it comes to the aesthetics of the arrangement, keep in mind that the protagonists are the flowers, so they must stand out among the green foliage or aromatic branches that you want to introduce. It’s a good idea to combine hanging flowers in a bouquet with some myrtle branches, and eucalyptus.

2. DIY tulip flower arrangement

Tulips bloom in mid to late spring and fill gardens with color. If you’re lucky enough to have them in your garden, collect some to decorate your home. Without a doubt, they’ll be an invaluable decorative accessory.

Alternatively, you can also buy them from florists and easily put together your own arrangements. They look great in a vase or container that complements the hue and the tones.

For example, yellow and orange tulips look great in a gold and blue vase. Moreover, we recommend mixing two types of tulips that are related in color.

3. Floating flowers to attract attention

It often happens that while you’re making your DIY flower arrangements some flowers may fall off the stem. Please don’t throw them away! They can be the main feature of a new floating flower arrangement.

This is very simple to create and involves collecting the fallen flowers or removing the stems if you want to execute this idea firsthand. Take a deep vase, plate, pewter pot, or mug that contrasts with the flowers and fill it with water.

Following the pattern you want, add the flowers to the container and create your unique arrangement. You can make a plate of wildflowers of different colors and shapes, or one using roses of different sizes and similar hues. You choose!

4. Flowers with long stems in glass tubes

If you love traditional botany and you’re a budding biologist, laboratory technician, or scientist, it’s time to put your test tubes and beakers to a different use. To make this type of DIY flower arrangement, you’ll need long-stemmed flowers such as dahlias, gladiolus, daisies, or eucalyptus branches. Although any long-stemmed wildflower will be ideal.

Fill the test tubes or glass beakers with water and insert the flowers, which will share their prominence with the length of these containers. If you want to go a step further, go ahead and experiment! Add some natural aniline to the water to create a color pattern inside the tubes. In addition, this will enable your flowers to vary their tonality.

5. Transform a beautiful salad bowl or large bowl with a flower display

There are a number of beautiful salad bowls and bowls that we don’t always use in the kitchen. In order to appreciate and take full advantage of them, turn them into beautiful DIY flower arrangements.

Choose flowers accordingly and depending on the color and design of your container, as it’s important to keep the aesthetic proportions. For example, if you have a white salad bowl, you can add flowers of any color.

A good idea, in this case, is hyacinths, which you can secure to the bottom of the bowl using florist foam or oasis. The idea is to place the flowers in the bowl tightly together so that the arrangement is striking.

Clean the flowers.
Give a new lease of life to an old salad or kitchen bowl, by creating a DIY flower arrangement with it.

Which DIY flower arrangements will you try?

We’ve shared five different and very simple ideas to make your own DIY flower arrangements. Choose the one you like the best and make your own version. Moreover, if you have enough space and time, why not fill your home with more than one arrangement?

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