Learn to Make a Terrarium with These 5 Tips

Liven up your home with an indoor garden!
Learn to Make a Terrarium with These 5 Tips

Last update: 23 September, 2020

A terrarium or winter garden is a way to have plants inside your home. This way you can bring the outdoors inside.

Having a house in the country is a privilege since you can have gardens outside in the open air. On the other hand, in the city the options are limited, but nothing is impossible. That’s why we’re going to talk about the 5 keys to constructing a terrarium.

The natural and green addition that you can add to your home is essential. The fact that you don’t have an open space to plant a garden shouldn’t stop you from growing plants.

To make a terrarium you need to go over the various steps to follow. Basically, the procedure is simple. First, you have to have the materials and know-how to put them together. For starting a hobby, it’s a unique opportunity.

What is a terrarium?

Glass terrarium shaped like a small house.

Image: pinterest.es

The function of a terrarium is the same as a greenhouse since it allows you to control the atmosphere. Often terrariums are for exotic and dangerous animals. In this case, the method and function are similar.

You can get the plants to grow if you take care of them correctly. This means that you’ll be able to measure the temperature, protecting the plants from the cold and frost.

The plants can be varied, from plants that are decorative for the home to vegetables. This is a way of saving time and not worrying about bad weather that can cause harm to plants.

It’s time to begin with a new challenge: the creation of a terrarium.

5 keys to making a terrarium

A terrarium with plants inside

Image: pinterest.es

As mentioned previously, the procedure is simple. It only takes time and the desire to do it. Then let’s get started and learn the 5 necessary keys to make a personal terrarium:

  1. The materials to use are strips of wood, glass, and a long flower container. The shape is rectangular and the dimensions should be about 28 x 16 and 20 inches high. Of course, the measurements can vary according to your needs.
  2. The objective is to create a large-sized area where you can grow plants freely but in a controlled way. First you cut the wood strips and the glass according to the measurements, for a pitched roofed.
  3. Next, place a container inside that’s in a rectangular and long shape to put the soil for planting in. It’s best for it not to have any holes so that the water can’t drain out so more moisture is generated.
  4. Be sure to use the most effective glue for correctly assembling the materials and forming a solid and strong structure.
  5. Lastly, you seal the exterior wood with varnish and apply any color that you like. At the same time, you can also substitute the glass with plastic. It’s important to be sure that it’s resistant and allows light to pass through.

How do you plant in your terrarium?

Simple winter garden sitting on the window sill

Image: pinterest.es

Once you have your infrastructure, you can then start to plant. Experts recommend using soil for indoor plants, due to the fact that it retains moisture and is fertile.

The next step is to transplant from a pot to your winter garden, trying to mix both types of soil. You have to use spongy and soft soil so that plants can develop correctly.

A factor to take into account is the size of the plant since you can’t use those that are too big.

Other tips to decorate

Interior design is always enhanced with plants. Greener indoors is refreshing and provides a touch of nature. Also, it works well with any decor style.

Terrariums contribute aesthetically and provide scents, especially if you plant flowers. Also, they can produce vegetables that you can eat. It’s like having a small garden in your home.


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