Decorating Your Living Room with Plants

Decorating the living room with plants will give it personality. You'll love all the possibilities they have!
Decorating Your Living Room with Plants

Last update: 18 July, 2020

Decorating your living room with plants is a good idea if you want to give a more personal touch to the area. We all know that this is the usual meeting point of the house. For this reason, it’s the area where you can combine different plant species and make it look special.

In general, living rooms have good lighting. Thanks to this, many species of plants could grow without any problems. Also, you must take into account that due to its dimensions, this room is the most suitable room to decorate with large plants.

Decorating your living room with plants – the possibilities

A clean and organized living room.

When decorating your living room with plants, we advise you to intersperse high and low plants in order to balance the distribution.

You should place large plants, such as arecas, kentias, or ficus, in the corners. If you put them somewhere else, they might prevent movement or block the light. And you can use them as room dividers if you don’t want them in the corners.

If the room gets good natural light, you can combine the shades of green foliage with leaves of other colors, as well as with flowering plants that require more light.

Here’s another idea. You can create combinations of all kinds against a wall – mix a large plant with foliage in the background. In front, you can place two or three smaller plants.

Something very popular is decorating with natural flowers. Choose an eye-catching composition and place it somewhere for everyone to see. For example, you can try placing two types of orchids on a side table – you’ll get a great result!

Moreover, if you want to give a personal touch to your living room, you can turn to old salad bowls or containers that you haven’t used in a long time and turn them into original pot covers.

The dining room area is also a great place to put flowers in. Having cyclamens as a centerpiece will give off a warm vibe to the room. Additionally, if your decor is rustic, kalanchoes can reinforce the rural setting.

When the plants look very jazzy you should adapt them to the decoration of the room. With light-colored walls, especially if they are white, plants with green leaves or with slight variegation give good decorative results. Try razors, aucubas, and calatheas. With dark walls, however, you should use plants with red flowers – you’ll see how they will brighten up your room!

The finishing touch – fresh flowers

Decorating your living room with plants is a great idea. In this photo, a vase with pink flowers.

Living rooms are also very suitable for arranging vases with bouquets of recently purchased flowers. These add color, freshness, and uniqueness to the decoration.

The dining room table, a sideboard, and furniture such as consoles, or trolleys are ideal to display vases. Of course, it’s important to bear in mind the size and style of the furniture in order to choose the right type of vase.

We recommend you look at the colors before creating a flower arrangement. You should take into account the predominant shades in the room, especially those of sofas and curtains.

Also, if you’re going to place the flowers on a table next to a wall, pay attention! Remember that everything must combine and look seamless. Always keep this in mind.

Don’t forget that white or soft-colored flowers go very well with dark furniture. When it comes to light furniture, a more striking and cheerful type of flower arrangement will be your best bet.

Decorating your living room with plants on the coffee table

A white vase with a plant in the living room.

One of the most prominent places to put plants in a living room is the coffee table. Due to its characteristics, it’s important that you take into account that:

  • This isn’t the place to put bulky plants. In fact, it’s recommended that the plant reaches a maximum of 30 cm high and that it’s not too wide either. If it is, then it’ll visually occupy the entire table.
  • Centerpieces with fresh or dried flowers, in addition to being very appropriate for coffee tables, will be the focus of attention.
  • Another very attractive combination is one of several small plants in pots grouped together. You can alternate colorful leaves and play with the shades of green. If enough light reaches the table, you can also use different types of flowers.

Decorating your living room with hanging plants

When decorating your living room with plants, you can opt for the hanging kind. They give a natural vibe to the place.

Another very interesting decorative solution is baskets with hanging plants. These are very attractive placed next to a door or window.

Among the most popular, are pothos, ivy, and davallia. Mixing several species in a single pot also gives very good results. If they’re planted in small pots, their growth will be better controlled so that they don’t grow too large.

You can use this type of plant for decorative purposes, you may even entangle the branches with each other. If they hang freely, they create a very natural environment.

What do you think of these ideas for decorating your living room with plants? We’d be happy to hear your opinion!

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