Keys to Discover if You're a Decor Addict

If you love to fill your home with inspirational pieces and fabulous furniture you're definitely a decor addict!
Keys to Discover if You're a Decor Addict

Last update: 06 April, 2021

Are you a decor addict? If you nod and smile while reading this article, the answer is yes.

Keeping your house beautiful and being a fan of decoration are two completely different things. What’s the difference? Here you’ll discover if you’re a decor addict or just enjoy having a nice home.

Pay attention to all these points, so you can discover if you’re a decor addict or not.

How to discover if you’re a decor addict

you are a decor addict

You know a lot about colors, you like textures, you need your spaces to smell nice and want to have the right lighting. These are some of the aspects that indicate that you have a special interest in the decor world.

If you identify with your home you’re definitely a decor addict. There’s no cure, so just enjoy this talent and the pleasure you get from observing beautiful things.

You love Pantone

You know all the rare colors. You’re an expert when it comes to cerulean or teal. You also know the difference between off-white and chalk white.

If you love decoration, Pantone is your best friend. Your knowledge about colors would impress anyone.

Everything has a name

Everything you have at home has a name. It’s not just furniture, you have a cupboard, a dresser, a chiffonier, etc. You even have a name for that trendy iconic design chair.

Furniture represents more than a functional item. For example, you love knowing that the Chesterfield sofa you have in the living room was very popular in the 19th century and that it’s named after the Count of Chesterfield.

Your house changes with every season

Always have the same designs at home? No, that’s not for you. Complements are essential and you know all the latest trends. You wait for the next season to give a new vibe to your house.

If you can’t make big changes, you paint a wall, change the covers of the cushions or add decorative details that match the season. Right?

you are a decor addict

A decor addict always shares their knowledge

You can’t help it. When you’re at someone’s house, or they show you a change they’ve made, you need to give your opinion. It’s easy for you to advise about what’s the best place to put the sofa or what the right color for the kitchen is.

Even if you have the best intentions, not everyone might want to hear you. You have a broad view and want to share your special talent, but you should be careful.

You love going to decor stores

Spending a Saturday afternoon in Ikea is the perfect plan for you. Don’t worry, many people enjoy this too. You love seeing every accessory, observing the furniture, and feeling the different textures.

At the stores, everyone knows you. You know the discount dates, and you’re part of all the loyalty programs. You’re an expert and don’t want to miss anything.

What do you think now? If you feel motivated, there’s no doubt that you’re a decor addict who loves colors, textures, materials, and trends.