It's Time to Renovate Your Child's Bedroom

Does your child's bedroom need a makeover? Children deserve their favorite spaces to be fun, creative and safe. Renovate your child's bedroom with our tips and ideas.
It's Time to Renovate Your Child's Bedroom

Last update: 13 January, 2022

Children generally put our homes to the test with the intensive ways that they use each space. But if there’s one area that suffers the most wear and tear, it’s your child’s bedroom. If it’s time to renovate your child’s bedroom, keep reading!

Together with some help from IKEA, we’ll give you all the ideas and inspiration to complete this project. With the minimum investment and a large dose of imagination, you can easily transform this space for the smallest people in your home.

Renovate your child’s bedroom: let’s consider your needs

Child study

Before starting to make any changes, we recommend that you first carry out an analysis of the types of activities carried out in your child’s bedroom. By doing this, you can make sure you adapt it to their true needs.

Take into account things such as: if they share the bedroom, their age, what their favorite games are, if it’s also their study area, if they invite friends over, the number of toys they have and storage, among other things.

Once you’ve analyzed your clear functional needs, it’s time to pay attention to the emotional part of renovation! For this, we recommend that you involve your child when choosing the elements for their bedroom. By doing this, your child will feel valued and it’ll build excitement.

Let’s create an atmosphere

Decorate the children's bedroom

Don’t skimp when it comes to creating a space that encourages creativity. This area should be conducive to helping your child unleash their imagination. With just a few elements you can transform your child’s bedroom into a jungle, a starry sky, or a palace.


kids bedroom

Textiles have incredible transformative power. It’s surprising how a simple duvet cover and some cushions can completely change the whole environment.

How about turning the bed into a small flower garden? Or a universe of balloons? Or maybe into a rainforest or a giant tiger? Your child will look forward to bedtime and you’ll achieve the perfect harmony of colors and shapes.

A matter of height

Children's desk

If space is an issue in your child’s bedroom, one way to optimize it is through height. By doing this, the surface area and the activity space are doubled.

A loft bed can be a perfect solution and you can create a study area in the lower part without taking up additional space from the bedroom. Incidentally, you can also clear a few meters of space to include a small sofa or a play mat.

Beds with hidden storage

Trundle bed

IKEA children’s beds can offer many possibilities from a functional point of view. Trundle beds, for example, offer the possibility of having a second bed in your child’s bedroom. This is useful in case they’re sick and you want to be by their side or if they invite a friend to sleep over.

Another function is storage. With drawers under the bed, you’ll gain extra space to store your clothes or bedding. 

Renovate your child’s bedroom with the personal touch 


Another easy way to renovate your child’s bedroom is through elements that’ll allow your little one to express their personality. From creating panels to display a collage of their favorite things to shelves in different shapes to display their treasures or works of art–the possibilities are endless.

Lighting also has an incredible ability to transform spaces and give them warmth. With a simple lamp in the shape of a heart, flower, star, or cloud, your child’s room will be filled with magic. Also, if your child has sleep issues or suffers from nightmares, a night light will offer comfort.

As you’ve seen, with a few simple changes, you can breathe new life into your child’s bedroom and transform it into a place that’ll inspire them and fill them with creativity.

We all need to renew our environment from time to time and little ones are no different. They deserve their favorite spaces to be special places where they can feel safe and secure.


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