The Best Tips for Choosing the Perfect Duvet Cover

Are you thinking of buying a new duvet cover? In the following article, we explain what things you should take into account.
The Best Tips for Choosing the Perfect Duvet Cover

Last update: 30 November, 2018

When it comes to choosing a duvet cover, you must consider many things, not just if it’s beautiful or not. There are a number of things that all good duvet covers should have. We’re going to share them with you in this article!

People don’t really tend to put a lot of thought into bedding, although they could mean the difference between a bad and good night’s sleep. This is a big mistake! Therefore, you should be fully aware of the importance of having a good mattress and proper bedding. This is the only way to get real quality sleep.

In addition, people usually confuse comforters with duvet covers. The main difference is that comforters are filled with down or another type of filling. However, duvet covers protect duvets.

Here are the things you should bear in mind when it comes to choosing the perfect duvet cover.


Obviously, the first thing to take into account is to make sure it fits your bed. To do this, you just have to know the size of your bed.
Here are the two most popular universal measurements:

  • Twin beds: 80-90 cm wide.
  • Queen beds: 120-135 cm wide.
White and black duvet cover.

This is the first step when it comes to choosing a duvet cover. You should always add a few centimeters more so it protrudes from the edges a bit.


Although this is not the first thing you should look for, it’s certainly a bonus. In addition, there are many options available in stores, including online stores.

Most duvet covers are decorated in a complex way (with many prints) on one side, while the other side is simpler, in plain colors and with few decorative motifs. So don´t forget the throw pillows you own. Obviously, you should try to match them with both sides of the duvet cover so you don’t have to change your throw pillows when you buy your new duvet cover.

Nicely decorated room.

This is why you should consider buying reversible duvet covers. With them, you can almost effortlessly change the decoration of any room.

Actually, it’s as if you’re buying two covers for the price of one. This is surely an advantage!

Choose your duvet cover according to bedroom accessories

It may seem obvious, but it’s important to emphasize this. Remember that beds tend to grab people’s attention upon entering a bedroom. Therefore, there should be a correlation between the bedding and other accessories such as curtains or carpets.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that the cover you choose should have neutral colors or prints.

Also, don’t forget that, although the main function of a duvet cover is to bundle you up and make you feel comfortable, they can also be used to decorate. This is why you also need to pay attention to its design.

Stripped duvet cover.

Choose quality duvet covers

As we mentioned above, we often don’t pay much attention to our sleep quality. We don’t really care about our bedroom furniture nor about our bedding.

However, when it comes to these covers, you should definitely note the material they’re made of and their quality. You shouldn’t forget that their main function is to conserve heat.

A good cover has a balanced ratio between cotton and polyester.

You should make sure the cover you buy is made of these materials. With a good combination of both, you won’t feel cold at all! There are different kinds of duvet covers, depending on the filling. The major ones are natural (made of feathers and/or down) and there are synthetic ones.

The characteristics of these materials directly affect the temperature. In addition, you should consider just how much each material conserves heat. This way, you’ll choose the perfect duvet cover for your needs.


We hope these ideas help you when it comes to choosing your duvet cover. People usually make the mistake of covering themselves with their duvet cover and then putting sheets on top. However, this is counterproductive because it won’t let the duvet cover store the heat as it should.

Finally, you should remember that the cover you choose should go well with your room’s colors and decorations. There are very original options for children’s rooms as well. If you follow our tips, you’ll choose the best cover for you!