Italian Style: How to Use it in Interior Decorating

With its wide range of bright colors, we're sure you'll love the Italian style.
Italian Style: How to Use it in Interior Decorating

Last update: 26 January, 2019

Italian culture has always been closely associated with interior design. This country is the birthplace of fashion designers, furniture designers and many other famous designers over the years. And inevitably, it has also become a reference point for many interior designers. The Italian style has many distinctive features, which we’ll tell you all about in this article.

If you’re looking to create a pleasant and spacious home where you can enjoy family gatherings, this might just be the style for you. Plus, its many wonderful characteristics make Italian decor a practical and versatile style that is perfect for day-to-day life.

Sienna: the key to Italian style decor

As with every decorating style, the Italian style uses a set color pallet. Among others, you will find sienna, a yellow-brown color which has a long tradition in Italian culture. Alongside this tone, designers often use earth colors, normally warm tones.

These colors help create bright rooms which simply ooze elegance and tranquillity. Plus, because it makes use of light tones, your rooms can actually seem more spacious than they really are. This is a really useful trait when it comes to decorating homes.

As for the furniture, you’ll usually find light colors here too. This helps to maintain a sense of harmony throughout the entire house, and no element stands out more than the rest. In some of the most elegant and wealthy households, you’ll even find gold used in accessories such as the mirrors, vases, or for small details on furniture.

Large windows

The large windows used in Italian decor help let in plenty of light.

Mediterranean countries have a warm climate and a lot of sunlight every day. What better way to do enjoy these fantastic weather conditions than by installing large windows! As a result, large windows are one of the most prominent characteristics of Italian-style decor.

Furthermore, with their ornate frames and embellished glass, they often play a decorative role. The result is simply spectacular. Large windows let in plenty of light and help to decorate the room.

As for the curtains, it’s important to highlight that the materials play a fundamental role in the Italian style. Italian-style homes are usually decorated with curtains, rugs and cushions and similar features. However, the curtains shouldn’t be too thick, so that light can still pass through.

Spacious and practical rooms

Italians love parties, celebrating with friends and spending time with family. As a result, living rooms and kitchens are normally large and spacious, with enough room for plenty of people. The sofas are large and in the living room you’ll often find a large table where you can eat comfortably. Kitchens are also large and perfect for preparing meals for the whole family.

Italian style decor uses light colors to help make rooms seem more spacious.

The same goes for the rest of the rooms. In the largest homes, you’ll often find dressing rooms, large bedrooms, and terraces where you can enjoy the warm sun and the soaring temperatures.

Another characteristic of Italian decor is how practical the rooms are. The furniture and layout are functional and aim to create comfort for both the people that live there and their guests.

The best thing of all is that, while this style aims to create practical spaces, it focuses on the aesthetic and decoration just as much as any other style. The Italian style is a clear example of how style and comfort are perfectly compatible and can easily go hand-in-hand.

Whether you have a large family or you enjoy having guests round for dinner, if you’re looking to create a spacious home, the Italian style is the one for you. Rooms are practical and comfortable so that you can enjoy your home to the full. Plus, thanks to the earth tones, large windows, and decorative elements, your home will look amazing too.

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