Interesting Placements: A Washbasin Cabinet in the Bedroom

A washbasin cabinet is a decorative element that can help you with your personal hygiene and grooming. All of this in one unusual place: the bedroom.
Interesting Placements: A Washbasin Cabinet in the Bedroom

Last update: 19 April, 2021

This style trend has many followers in the Western world: a washbasin cabinet in the bedroom. It’s not popular everywhere but is becoming a trend.

It’s unusual to find this type of thing in a place to rest and sleep, like a bedroom. However, personal hygiene is more important now than ever. Having said that, is it essential to have a washbasin cabinet in the bedroom?

An important way to look at it is how functional a washbasin can be to decorate a room. Washbasin cabinets are functional and can be matched with the rest of the elements in the room. It can only enrich a space.

Washbasin Cabinet for two.

What are they used for?

Washbasin cabinets aren’t a determining factor in the bedroom. In fact, if they’re placed there, it’s because the owner wants it or it’s culturally relevant. Washbasin cabinets don’t need to be the centerpiece in the bedroom.

These cabinets are great for a water source in the room. There are two ways to make this work. One is using pipes that connect it with a faucet or through a mirrored basin where you can pour the stockpiled water from a jar. If you compare both ways, the first option is the most functional.

Since the Middle Ages, these have been used in palaces and are usually associated with the upper classes. Nowadays, though, they can be found in hotels and private homes.

A modern trend for a modern home

Although they’re seen as historical items, washbasin cabinets work in different aesthetic ways. Learn to appreciate their decorating qualities and how they can fit in many modern homes.

  • These cabinets are made up of a structure that encases the sink. It’s not too big, because you won’t be keeping too many things in it.
  • There are basins with great design. Some are round and hollow, which are the more traditional designs. However, prototypes are being developed, that give a minimalist and modern look.
  • It’s not about taking attention from other furniture, like the bed or the dresser. The important thing is that it plays a subtle part and becomes another focal point in the bedroom.
  • Placing the sink inside the bedroom can be a complex task regarding design and distribution. Yes, you’re using a decorating resource that may not belong in the bedroom, but if you think about it, it actually fits.

Where can I put it in the bedroom?

The washbasin cabinet needs to go next to a wall or in any corner. It shouldn’t disrupt the room and, on the other hand, it’s a great resource to use for blind spots.

It can be considered just another piece of bedroom furniture. Besides, washbasin cabinets give a relaxed vibe and are another focal point. Even if they’re placed in a children’s bedroom.

These cabinets shouldn’t be too big. They should fit well in small corners, becoming a singular and functional asset.

Black and modern wall-mounted washbasin cabinet.

The main goal – comfort

Another aspect as important as the looks and aesthetic, it’s the comfort it offers.

Instead of going to the bathroom to wash your face, hands, or just to get a glass of water, you now have an accessible washbasin cabinet to help you every day.

In short, you now understand the varied possibilities a washbasin cabinet offers: aesthetically and functionally speaking. It can achieve many things, even when placed somewhere you’re not used to.


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