IKEA's KALLAX Shelves and Different Ways to Use Them

Take a look at all the ways you can use your KALLAX shelves. After you read our post, you'll want to use these shelves everywhere in your home.
IKEA's KALLAX Shelves and Different Ways to Use Them

Last update: 22 January, 2020

IKEA’s KALLAX shelves are likely the most versatile piece of furniture ever. You find them in so many homes but today, we want to show you how to use them in ingenious ways. Check out all the things you can do with your KALLAX shelves with a little imagination.

IKEA’s KALLAX shelves

The KALLAX shelves are a square, modular piece of furniture that comes in a variety of combinations. You can order them with or without doors, 2 x 2, in a line or 4 x 4.

The best feature is their versatility, which allows you to use them horizontally or vertically. In addition, you can use as many or few accessories as you want. Accessories can include baskets or dividers for the shelves. All of these options make the KALLAX shelves brim with possibilities.

One set of shelves, 12 different options

1. Kitchen island

ikea kallax kitchen island

Our first idea uses the 77 x 77 cm KALLAx shelves. In the picture, you can see added doors and wheels as well as a wooden countertop. The result? A perfect kitchen island with storage and extra workspace.

2. Vintage dresser

ikea kallax vintage dresser

These shelves can create the perfect frame for a retro piece of furniture as shown above. Chinese-inspired lacquered furniture plays a key role in Hollywood Regency decor. You can make it happen by dressing up the doors on your dresser.

3. Mini-bar

ikea kallax mini bar

Who doesn’t dream of having their own bar at home? But space is a big issue. Fret not, nothing’s easier than using IKEA’s KALLAX shelves and giving it some legs. Cheers!

4. Nightstand

ikea kallax nightstand

The 2 x 2 KALLAX shelves are perfect in size for creating a nightstand. Use baskets to store all of your belongings. Use them with another smaller nightstand for a nesting effect.

5. Home entrance

ikea kallax home entrance

One set of KALLAX shelves and baskets are all you need to dress up your home entrance. Play around with different accessories to add your own personal flair.

6. For children

ikea kallax children

A set of KALLAX shelves can help organize your children’s bedrooms. They’re perfect for lower heights and can also serve functional purposes or become a play area.

7. Bench

ikea kallax bench

We all dream of having one of these multi-functional benches. It’ll always provide seating and store things away at the same time. Look how easy it is to recreate – you only need some cushions and baskets to set up a space to relax in.

8. Home office

ikea kallax home office

Arm your shelves with a chalkboard and organization accessories. These shelves will serve their purpose and keep your office materials organized and at hand. But they also offer something extra – a dash of style.

9. Bedroom

ikea kallax bedroom

Believe it or not, this bedroom set-up is completely from KALLAX shelves in addition to a set of BILLY shelves. The shelves create a sturdy bed frame and plenty of storage space around the bed.

10. Rustic closet

ikea kallax closet

Bohemian-lovers will be very pleased with our next idea. You can paint your shelves gray and customize the doors with rustic wood and metal handles. It’ll look incredibly original and nobody will guess where it’s actually from.

11. Living room drawers

ikea kallax living room

Your living room is one of the places that most need drawers to keep things in order. But you don’t have to sacrifice style to find some that will do to the job.

Use IKEA’s KALLAX shelves for an easy solution. Paint them in a color that matches the rest of your home decor and add accessories that will give personality.

12. Desk

Ikea kallax desk

By adding a set of legs and a tabletop to your shelves, you can have a nice working surface to tackle your most personal projects. In addition, you can enjoy having all your materials at arm’s reach thanks to the storage compartments.

There you have it, 12 ways to use IKEA’s most versatile shelving unit. Which one are you going to try?

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