5 Decor Ideas for the Perfect Dressing Room

Who hasn't ever dreamed about having their own dressing room? Don't worry about having enough space, we have ideas for all!
5 Decor Ideas for the Perfect Dressing Room

Last update: 30 December, 2019

Who doesn’t dream about having the perfect dressing room at home? If you decided to make your own or want to look at some ideas to tweak your plans, keep on reading.

1. Create a dressing room that’s perfect for you

dressing room perfect

First things first, if you want a perfect dressing room, you need the space to set it up. A whole room isn’t the same thing as a part of a room. Adjusting your plan to the space you have available, bring in different elements that are size-appropriate to set up your dressing room.

Plan out the perfect dressing room for small spaces

dressing room small spaces

If you don’t have that much space, try setting up a closet as your dressing area. Here’s a tip for saving space – look for a door-less closet and add in some secondary shelves to create more compartments. If you don’t have the space for a closet either or don’t have a closet that fits that description, we still have ideas.

Clothing racks are  very popular these days thanks to their high-capacity and minimal space requirements. Their wheels even make it easy to move your clothes from one room to another.

2. If you have space, make an island

dressing room island

On the other hand, if you have an entire, big room to use as a dressing room, consider an island. Match the colors with the surrounding decor. You can use the island to store accessories.

Use the top part of the island as a table. You can place small wicker baskets on top or anything else that matches your room. These can store even more of your bits and pieces.

3. Shoe rack

dressing room shoe rack

Among the perfect dressing room ideas, we can’t leave out the perfect shoe rack. If you don’t have a lot of space, or simply don’t want to fill the space you have with shoes, you have several organization options. First, if you love high-heels, organize them on an entire wall and position the shelves so that they sit perfectly.

Our next idea is for flats – set them up on lower shelves. Always keep those you wear most often within easy reach.

If you don’t have space, try using a large shelving unit to store all your shoes. Here’s a tip for fitting more shoes on your shelves -for your heels, place one with the heel going in towards the shelf, and its pair the other way round.

4. Add a vanity table

dressing room vanity table

A vanity table goes hand in hand with a dressing room. If you have space, place a small desk or cabinet where you can keep your makeup. In front of it, add a chair as well. With a vanity table next to your dressing room, you can get dressed and put your makeup without running around different rooms.

5. Lighting

dressing room lighting

You might not consider lighting a crucial aspect at first thought, but don’t be fooled. As you’re planning your dressing room, you have to plan to make the most of natural light as possible. Natural light will help you see the colors of your clothes properly as well as your accessories. Other kinds of lighting, on the other hand, can distort their appearance.

If you can, install big windows in your dressing room to avoid using artificial light sources when they’re not necessary.

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