How To Use Mistletoe In Interior Decor

Mistletoe is an indispensable item for Christmas decorations. However, you can also use it throughout the year in other ways.
How To Use Mistletoe In Interior Decor

Last update: 19 February, 2020

Plants and leaves are among the many items you can use to decorate your home. You can use them in several different ways, to bring nature inside. In this article, we’ll show you how you can use mistletoe in interior decor.

The scientific name of this plant is Viscum album, and it belongs to the Santalaceae plant family. It’s a native of various parts of Europe and Asia. It generally grows in other trees, and it’s considered a semi-parasitic plant since it takes water and nutrients from its host.

Its leaves are generally dark green and have spiky edges, however, there are also varieties of mistletoe that have yellowish leaves. Its berries are quite striking; small, round and white or yellow.

Decor for an elegant dinner

Mistletoe makes an excellent centerpiece for an elegant dinner

Important celebrations deserve good table decorations. There’s nothing better than a dinner where even the last detail has been considered.

Attention to detail is the way to achieve that special degree of elegance that some occasions need. You want your guests to leave satisfied that they’ve partaken of a really special dinner that’s had all of your attention.

This is one reason that mistletoe can be useful when it comes to decorating a table for an elegant dinner.

How can you use mistletoe? The best way to display this plant would be as a central table decoration, where you can place several sprigs of mistletoe with its white berries at the center of the table. Don’t just scatter them around, it’s best to arrange them well.

At the same time, you could include several candles among the sprigs of mistletoe. These won’t just add a somewhat nostalgic or captivating air, but also a peaceful, natural feeling, giving just that right touch of greenery to the scene.

Transform an ordinary meal into an elegant dinner by using mistletoe.

Using mistletoe in Christmas decor

A decorated Christmas wreath

This plant is associated with the winter season, and specifically with Christmas. You can make all kinds of decorations with it. Mistletoe has even become almost a symbol of this time of year. Let’s see a few ideas on how to use mistletoe in Christmas decor:

  • It’s very common to find a round wreath of mistletoe on the front door. You just need to weave different sprigs of mistletoe around together, and then at the end add a few sprigs of berries. It’s a curious decoration.
  • You can also use mistletoe in decorating the Christmas tree. How can you do this? Try weaving some leaves and berries together making a ball shape. Tie a piece of string to it so you can hang it easily on the tree.
  • Another way to use mistletoe is by adding a few leaves to Christmas candles. Stick the leaves to the base of the candle itself. It’s a useful way to highlight the candles and at the same time add a bit of color to the atmosphere. The dark greens of mistletoe go very well with whites and reds.
  • Here’s another typical use of mistletoe in Christmas decor – bells with some mistletoe leaves around the top. In this case, you’re combining two typical Christmas items.

Autumn style decor with mistletoe

Autumn themed table decoration using pine cones

The dark shades of mistletoe combined with other earthy tones can generate a decorative concept that suits autumn very well. You can get the idea from the very colors of autumn itself.

How could you create an autumn theme in a small dish, as an example of autumn decor? Put several sprigs of mistletoe in it together with a few pine cones or small pine branches. The close relationship between mistletoe and timber is something that can suit your decor.

Along the same lines, mistletoe can also go very well with other plants and dried leaves. Of course, you don’t just have to stick to purely earthy colors. You can also mix and match with other colors you find in nature. Why not try an ecological or plant oriented decor?

Using mistletoe in decor – some other ideas

Fabric print cushion covers

Using sprigs of actual mistletoe isn’t the only way you can use this versatile plant to decorate. You can also continue the theme by using tablecloths or serviettes with embroidered borders. It would also be great in a few cushion covers, or almost any other decor item you have that’s made with fabric.

At the same time, you’ll also find vinyls in decor shops that feature mistletoe, but these aren’t usually that attractive for the home as they tend to be quite dark. What is commonly used is decorative paper featuring mistletoe. You can even use this to wrap around candles or other Christmas decorations.

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