How to Give your Home an Adult Look

You're an adult and now it's time your home looks the part. If you don't know where to start, just follow these tips.
How to Give your Home an Adult Look

Last update: 10 April, 2020

Maybe until now, you didn’t put much thought into your home decor. Now it’s time to buy new furniture and add color to your home. In this article, you’ll learn how to make your home look more adult.

At first, your decoration was probably your children’s drawings or your favorite pictures hanging on the wall. Also, add a souvenir you bought on your last holiday, something that doesn’t match anything else. You probably didn’t care much.

However, now you do. You need order and want to decorate. Welcome to adulthood! Now, both you and your home need to look the part.

Multiple frames give a more adult look to a home.

How can a home look more adult?

You need to understand what style you want.

Being an adult isn’t a synonym for being boring nor classic, it’s about finding your style and transforming your home with it. Furniture, colors, and other decorations can help you with this.

Look for inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram, or your favorite design magazines. Once you’ve found your style, commit to it. Find what materials and colors fit the most and be a conscious consumer, don’t buy on impulse.

Tips to make your home look more adult

Defining your style means giving your home an aesthetic. You can opt for a Bohemian, Classical, or Scandinavian style, for example. It’s up to you.

Whatever style you choose, there are certain aspects to take into account if you want your home to look more adult.

Designer furniture

Using designer furniture doesn’t have to be an expensive choice. Choose among mass-marketed designer furniture, such as the Tolix chair, the Thonet, a Chester couch or a Tulip table. Adding a statement piece to your home will give a more solid style and everything else will revolve around these pieces.

cream ivory featured

A little bit of art

Now your house is starting to look more adult. Those drawings on your wall, albeit cute, need to go. It’s time to buy pictures, photographs, etc.

Frame them and create a composition for your living room. You’ll see how this dramatically changes how your home looks.

Fill it with nature

Plants are always trendy, they fill any space with joy, purify the air, give good vibes and, above all, are beautiful.

It’s time you place some plants around your home and learn how to take care of them.

Flowers are another great idea, especially if you like having guests around. A vase with fresh flowers in your hall is a nice welcome detail.

Keep things organized to make your home look more adult

Last, but not least, order. It’s healthy to keep things in their place and not overcrowd your home.

Marie Kondo has a nice way to stop saturating your home with furniture and things, just keep what you love and what fills you with positive energy. Learn to put things back when you’re done using them.

As previously stated, it’s time to give your home a more adult look. To do so, it’s important to define how you want to style it. Then, give it the finishing touches and enjoy your dream home.

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