6 Forever In Style Furniture Pieces

The Chesterfield couch, Barcelona chair, Wingback armchair and more. Each one is iconic and have transcended trends and can't be missing from your home decor.
6 Forever In Style Furniture Pieces

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Today, our post is all about furniture pieces that will forever be in style. They’re iconic decor and investing in them is synonymous to bringing home a true work of art. From Chesterfield couches to Windsor chairs, each of these pieces has become a symbol of luxury and sophistication.

Decor trends come and go, just like fashion, home decor trends fluctuate. They’re difficult to predict and one piece that’s in today can look completely outdated the next.

But there are certain furniture pieces that will always be in style. They’ll always look current and tasteful for the next ten to twenty years.  These pieces aren’t trends, but rather, timeless decor that will be around forever.

Today, we have a list of six pieces that go beyond trends. They’ll continue making a presence for themselves in decor more many years coming. Don’t think twice about using them in your home decor because they’re a sure bet.

1. Wingback armchairs

forever pieces wingback

Also known as “chairs with wings”, the original Wingback armchair had practicality in mind more so than style. These armchairs were designed to sit next to a fireplace. The makers designed the wings to trap the heat of the fireplace and prevent drafts.

While its original purpose is no longer relevant, the warmth, comfort, and design have kept Wingback armchairs very popular in all kinds of decor styles. Aside from its standard format, you can find it in many shapes and sizes.

2. Chesterfield couch

chesterfield couch forever

A Chesterfield couch will never go unnoticed. Its buttoned design, low back, and high armrest can fit into various decor styles.

Its name comes from Lord Philip Stanhope, fourth Count of Chesterfield, who requested a couch that wouldn’t wrinkle suits. As a result of its elite origins, Chesterfield couches have often been associated with high-class homes. They will forever be gracing the rooms of stylish homes.

3. The Windsor chair

forever pieces windsor chair

Another classic English piece is the Windsor chair. It’s become a classic for home decor worldwide. The design’s curved lines and a wooden-rod back are immediately recognizable to anyone who has an interest in interior design.

The design has reached perfection over the years. Today, you can find a wide variety of classic Windsor chairs and variations as well.

4. The Fauteuil armchair

forever pieces fauteuil

The Fauteuil armchair is another forever classic. This chair hails from France, from the old gentlemen’s clubs where men would gather to smoke and drink. The Fauteuil chair is very comfortable and invites onlookers to relax. In addition, the design looks great in almost any setting.

While other classic chairs and armchairs can vary in upholstery, the Fauteuil armchair only uses leather , which boasts a touch of luxury and elegance.

5. Canopy bed

forever pieces canopy

With their four posts and wooden frame, canopy beds can add a striking element to any bedroom. They draw the eye and almost always create an instant focal point.

Known as “the bed of kings”, they’ve historically always featured curtains, sheer fabrics or gentle fabrics around their posts. Modern versions often omit the curtains and feature bare posts.

However you choose to dress them up or down, they never lose their romantic, luxurious and elegant air. They add plenty of character to a room and, as a result, will forever be in style.

6. The Barcelona chair

forever pieces barcelona chair

The Barcelona chair is by far the most contemporary example on our list. First created in the 20s, the Barcelona chair features a stainless steel base.

Despite the fact that the design originally branched off from Roman curule seats, the Barcelona chair became a symbol of modernity.

Its simple design and impeccable details conform to the principles of contemporary design, making it truly one-of-a-kind and a piece that will forever be in style.