How to Find the Perfect Interior Door

Knowing how to choose an interior door will allow you to gain space and improve the insulation in your home.
How to Find the Perfect Interior Door

Last update: 01 November, 2018

Interior doors are one of the elements that have the most presence or prominence in a house. They can completely change the look and feel of a room. Its functions are based both on dividing and decorating. They provide personality in any room.

It’s very important to pick the best door possible for our space. The type of door you choose should change depending on a few different factors. Knowing how to best choose a door will help us gain useful space, improve thermal and auditory insulation, and organize the flow and layout of the home.

Bright doors that stand out or make a statement are usually found in homes with a minimalist or modern style. With that being said, your doors can make even more of a statement they are of different colors. This is a great idea as long as they’re harmonious in color and have some elements in common.

It’s without a doubt that doors are a great decorative aspect in our homes. In today’s post, we’ll talk about some different door ideas, specifically different materials and styles. Don’t let yourself become confused or overwhelmed when shopping for a new door!

Door styles

Smooth single leaf doors

This type of interior door is the most traditional and most used in today’s homes. They adapt well to any type of space, regardless of the amount of space you have.

Because people so commonly use them, they’re usually the cheapest type of door on the market. However, their price will change depending on the type of material you want to incorporate. With that being said, these are the most common type that people use in their homes.

If your house is small and you already have these types of doors, consider painting them in striking, bold colors. This will visually expand their space, and your decor will become more original and attractive.

Double doors

A double interior door works perfectly in rooms such as living rooms, a master bedroom, or a  large  kitchen. If your house has enough space, these doors bring a sense of elegance and distinction. They do this because they were formerly used in palaces and other large homes.

Another option is to install a double door that slides on rails. These are a great solution if you’re looking to take advantage of the space in your home. They’re perfect for smaller houses because they take up less room without a swinging motion.

double interior door

A double interior door is very practical when it comes to organizing or separating different spaces in your home. In addition, you can leave them open which leads to a feeling of continuity, allowing light to entire and illuminate more than one area of the house.

Folding doors

These types of doors use an accordion system. They have a mechanism that allows the door to fold into sheets or columns until all the sheets are folded on top of one another. They can roll up or expand in order to occupy the least or most space, depending on your needs.

Therefore, this type of door is great in homes with very small rooms where it’s vital that you have as much usable space as possible.

These are also perfect if you have children. They allow you to control how open they are. So you can leave the door slightly ajar so you can keep tabs on your young child in the bathroom, for example.

You can find folding doors made of many different styles and materials on the market today.

Doors with decorations or inlays

As we’ve already said, we’ve recently seen a trend towards minimalism and simplicity in today’s homes. We’ve also seen this trend when it comes to choosing an interior door.

We no longer see doors with intricate designs or decoration very often. Designers have pushed them to the background, as they can make a space feel old or outdated.

However, we can still find some models with simple designs. These may look good depending on the way you’ve designed your home.

Sliding interior door

A sliding interior door is very versatile, as you can easily incorporate it into any home. They work by moving to one side as they slide on a track that’s already built into the floor. You can use these on the inside or outside of your home.

These types of interior door are most frequently used in areas that lead to patios. They’re so popular because you can leave the door slightly ajar, and they allow a lot of light to enter the house.

sliding door

A door for every situation

For the living room

In more traditional living rooms, it used to be very common to have a door with a window in order to allow light to pass into the room. These were especially common in homes where the hallway didn´t receive much natural light and was quite dark.

Sliding doors are great for the modern trend of keeping things minimalist and as simple as possible. These are very common in lofts, where most doors are sliding doors.

The most common materials used in sliding doors are noble woods in lacquered colors. They’re also commonly molded or smooth. You’ll also frequently see sliding doors with glass or steel details.

For the kitchen

It’s always good to use doors with translucent glass in your kitchen. These let in light, in the same way that light transmitting doors in the living room do.

However, these can have a drawback. They can get very dirty from cooking oils and smoke from cooking.

door in the kitchen

Therefore, a good alternative to this problem is to use aluminum doors. This still allows light to enter, but they’re also significantly cleaner than glass doors. These also look very professional in kitchens.

Sliding doors are a great option to have in a dining room or a living room that connects to a kitchen. They allow you to isolate the smells of the kitchen from the rest of the house.

For the bathroom

The bathroom is usually a very small space. The most common thing to do here is to install a smooth one-leaf door. 

However, a very good option is to incorporate a sliding door that allows you to take full advantage of the room that you have.

Do you dare to incorporate any of these doors into your house?