How to Display Your Ornaments on Top of Tall Furniture

Filling the space above your tall furniture isn't as complex as it seems. It all depends on the space you have available. Keep reading to find an option that suits you.
How to Display Your Ornaments on Top of Tall Furniture

Last update: 29 March, 2022

The available space on the top of tall furniture can create a challenge when it comes to displaying your ornaments. It’s often difficult to know exactly what to put there because it’s not only about filling the void. This space can be functional as well as being used to contribute to your decor in an aesthetic and elegant way. For the same reason, it’s not always a good idea to just leave it empty.

In this article, you’ll find some ideas that’ll help you solve this challenge. That space above your tall furniture can be used to suit your needs–just choose the options that best suit your style and personal tastes. Keep in mind that cleaning is essential to avoid accumulation of dust and cobwebs, these should never be part of your decor.

Displaying your ornaments and belongings on top of tall furniture

Learn how to decorate the area above your tall furniture so that it contributes to the style and function of your home. Choose the ideas that you like the most and don’t forget to give it your personal stamp by adding colors, shapes, and textures.

Placing baskets on top of tall furniture


Baskets are an excellent option to place on top of tall furniture. They’re very practical elements that look beautiful and you can use them to store things inside. You can find them in different colors, materials, and textures that will add aesthetics to your home.

Choose the baskets that best match the material of your tall units, the color of the walls, and your tastes. There you can store towels, tablecloths, or items that you don’t use very often.


Decorative boxes are a similar option to baskets. There are multiple options when it comes to size and color. There are even boxes with floral and children’s designs, among others. These boxes are very useful because they can store toys, bedding, towels, and even clothing.

Choose boxes that fit the space available (between the furniture and the ceiling), but try not to be too precise. This will make it easier for you to access and use them.

Decorative ornaments and accessories


If you don’t need to take advantage of the area above your tall furniture for storage, you can decorate this space with ornaments and accessories. In this case, you must consider the available space and display treasured or precious items that demand focus. 

Among the available options are your favorite porcelain figures or pretty vases. On the other hand, this may be the perfect place to display souvenirs and trinkets.

Lamps on top of tall furniture

Blessed are sources of light such as lamps. If you have a large space, you can place a couple of lamps on top of your tall furniture. Try to avoid the traditional look and choose ones with unconventional designs to highlight and give prominence to this space.

In general, small lamps are better, with a warm spotlight and thin base. In this way, your decor will look delicate and will make the area look more welcoming, especially if it’s in a bedroom.


If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary to place on top of tall furniture, try using a mirror. These elements are decorative and will give you a different perspective on your space. If your furniture faces a source of natural light, a mirror will bounce the rays of light and illuminate the space.

You can even use a few mirrors such as the ones that come in a set of three or four, as this will give a more uniform feel to your decor. They can even be of different sizes to break with the traditional.

Personal items

Decorate on top of tall furniture with photos.

To decorate tall furniture with personal elements you can add photographs. If you have tall furniture in your bedroom, you’ll feel motivated when you wake up to your best moments as you look up.

You can accompany these photographs with other personal elements that are important to you. A music box, an old sewing box, and, even a phrase on adhesive vinyl that represents what that space makes you feel.

Books and pictures

If you’re a lover of literature, you’ll probably own more books than available space. Therefore, the free area above tall units can be a great storage solution. Display your books according to your preferences: authors, sizes, colors, or in alphabetical order.

Now if you enjoy art, use some paintings to fill this space. Consider sizes, shapes, and colors. All this influences the atmosphere and the general appearance of the room. You could use three framed paintings or just one, it all depends on your tastes and the space available.

Displaying your ornaments on top of tall furniture is easy

Now you know how best to display your ornaments or store your belongings on top of tall furniture, the task has become much easier. You can give these ideas a try or put your own stamp on them, it’s up to you. The important thing is that you don’t ever hide your personality.

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