How to Decorate your Doors with Vinyl

Decorating your doors with vinyl is easy - it's about understanding the style you're going for.
How to Decorate your Doors with Vinyl

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Decorating your doors with vinyl is a great option because it gives your space a unique look. If you decide to go for it, know that there are many different styles to choose from, probably more than you think.

Doors with vinyl boards

Vinyl boards are thick adhesives pieces and are usually very resilient. Their main characteristic is that you can write or draw on them, they’re decorative and also useful.

These are great for your kitchen or diner doors because you can write down a shopping list on them, or put them elsewhere to create short-term masterpieces.

This type of vinyl allows you to draw or create different looks whenever you want. They’re extremely versatile and can stick to any surface. You don’t have to use them on doors only.

Decorating fridge door with vinyl that looks like stainless steel.

Vinyl with a stainless steel look

A very interesting choice is decorating your doors with vinyl that looks like stainless steel. This can give your kitchen an industrial effect, perfect for this type of decoration.

It’s perfect for small cabinet doors and cupboards, as it may be too much for the main doors. This type of vinyl is made of a metallic foil that looks the same as steel. It’s easy to put on and sticks perfectly on any surface.

Doors with vinyl decorations – colors

Decorating doors with colorful vinyl gives you two options: matte or gloss. These are versatile and they’re marketed in different ways – from covering furniture to decorating walls. They stick and peel off easily, without living any residue behind.

To use them on your doors, clean the surface well. Cut the pieces of vinyl and leave a little margin according to the size of the doors.

Next, spray the surface with water. Lastly, peel off the protective cover on the vinyl and stick it onto the door.

A blackboard made out of vinyl.

Using vinyl as a blackboard

This type of vinyl is similar to a blackboard, with a few differences. One difference is the color. It’s either white or clear. You can write or draw on this with special markers, and it’s less messy than chalkboards.

This cover is more commonly used in schools, educational centers, or, even, office buildings. You can put it in children’s rooms’ doors, so they can draw on them using different colors.

Sun protection films

Sun protection films are more special and specific. Use them on glass doors. These have a metallic coating on both sides that reflects light.

Sun protection films can give you more intimacy because you can look out, but people can’t look in. They’re very useful for summer houses or houses with a lot of glass doors or windows.

Etched glass vinyl

Etched glass vinyl is a translucent material that lets light in but gives you privacy. This type of vinyl is usually placed on sliding doors, shower screens, etc.

Etched glass door with vinyl decoration.

Printable magnetic vinyl

Printable magnetic vinyl is widely used outside of interior design. It has a magnetic foil on one side, and you can draw or write on the other.

This type of vinyl is usually used on fridge doors, but also in playgrounds or schools. Printable magnetic vinyl is a very versatile material because it’s useful and decorative.