How to Decorate Your Children's Bedroom Ceiling

When it comes to decorating children's bedrooms, the colors, textures and objects are fundamental. In this article, we'll show you some fun ways to decorate their bedroom ceilings
How to Decorate Your Children's Bedroom Ceiling

Last update: 28 January, 2021

There is an infinite variety of different shapes and colors that you can use to decorate your children’s bedrooms. Having a beautifully decorated bedroom ceiling can be great fun for your kids.

Children often go through phases of being fascinated by one  particular  thing: a specific animal, a favorite character, outer space, and the universe, a color, shape or texture.

This is their space, their room, their own little world. A place where they can play, rest, create and read stories. It’s a refuge where they can truly enjoy themselves and let their imagination run wild. So, in this article, we’ll show you some really original ideas for decorating bedroom ceilings that your children are sure to love.

Firstly, it’s important to talk to your children and ask them what they want. Remember, this is their space, and they should feel comfortable in their surroundings.

Original bedroom ceilings

Children’s brains are simply bursting with imagination and creativity. Sometimes we forget how much potential ceilings have when it comes to decorating their bedrooms. They’ll be able to see their ceiling clearly during the day and gaze up at it as they fall asleep at night.

Blue sky ceiling

A really beautiful and original option for your children’s bedroom ceiling is to create a bright blue sky, complete with fluffy white clouds. Paint the sky in light blue, leaving the rest of the walls white. This will help your ceiling really stand out.

Once you’ve painted the blue background, paint on some white clouds with a sponge to finish off your sky-ceiling.

If you want, you can also hang some little cloud decorations from the ceilings, and even add a cloud-shaped lamp. This is actually really simple to do. To create hanging clouds, you can simply buy foam spheres from an arts and crafts store.

Stick on plenty of cotton wool with glue, attach them to the ceiling with clear string, and you’re all set! You’ll have created a beautiful blue sky for your children’s bedroom ceiling. If you want to give it a brighter and more cheerful look, you can simply paint the clouds different colors.

A galaxy for your children’s bedroom ceiling

This is a really beautiful and interesting alternative for all little ones who are fascinated by outer space, the stars, planets, and constellations. First, paint the bedroom ceiling dark blue. Once you’ve painted the ceiling, stick adhesive glow in the dark stars all over the entire surface. They will charge throughout the day and glow all night, helping your children get to sleep.

You can also make little planets to hang from the ceiling or add a planet shaped ceiling lamp. You could also hang a string of lights around the edge of the ceiling. This will give you a beautiful night sky, and help your children sleep peacefully.

Galaxy bedroom ceiling.

Stripy ceilings

Stripes are simple geometric patterns that you can use to decorate any space or surface. You can paint your children’s bedroom ceiling with thick, or medium-sized stripes. Use could use one color or lots of different tones. If your child is still very little, you could even paint them in the colors of the rainbow.

Flying animals

If your child loves animals, this could be the perfect option. Decorate your children’s bedroom by hanging all kinds of little flying animal decorations all over the ceiling. For example, you could decorate it with paper origami birds and butterflies and use fine pieces of string to hang them at different heights all over your ceiling. Your children will love seeing their favorite animals fly over their heads.


Flying objects such as airplanes, hot air balloons or helicopters are also really fun items to hang from your children’s bedroom ceiling. You could also use the first option we looked at in this article to create the perfect blue-sky backdrop for your flying objects. Your children will love it.

Hang airplanes from your children's bedroom ceiling.

Decorate the corners of your ceiling

Another interesting option that can look really great in your children’s bedroom is to hang decorations in the corners of the ceiling. You can use this idea for both decoration and storage. For example, you could hang a piece of fabric netting in the corner of the room and use it for keeping your children’s stuffed toys and dolls. If your child has run out of space for their toys, this is a great way to store them.

These are great ideas to keep in mind if you want to decorate your children’s bedroom ceilings. You’ll see just how much your children love them- playing beneath them during the day, and gazing up at them before they fall asleep at night.